Bin 009 speculation begins

Instagram post says Friday 7th at 1730…


Another week to wait :wink::see_no_evil:


A vineyard south of Mount Brouilly

You have provide evidence of your hunch sir…

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Well it is merely me following the visual teases from instagram.

To my eyes (admittedly I couldn’t see most of the numbers in the colour differentiation book at the opticians) but the background of the instagram pic is a lilac colour. They are also making a big deal of what looks like volcanic rock around the bottle of wine.

Could it be a red from The Canary Islands, Etna or any other volcanic area? perhaps but then why bother with the lilac back ground? :man_shrugging:

If you have not already gathered - I have given this too much thought :rofl::rofl:

From a google search, there is an area of purple rock geology in the area south of Mt Brouilly that has purple liliac volcanic stone. However as I write this I realise that my stab could also be other areas but hey ho, I have taken my guess, Tim has been out and about doing a beaujolais chat despite no new bottles hitting the website - COINCIDENCE? I think not :grin::grin::rofl:


I don’t want to give the game away… and the lady Lapin tells me I’m usually wrong.


I’m sure I’m waaaaay off the mark, but this vineyard is not dissimilar to some of Katie Jones sites in and around Tuchan .

maybe it’s her Hairy Grenache ! If so it’s very good. But I think TWS has already stocked that ?

They did in the past but she and her husband have many other bottlings .

Hoorah! TWS occasional series of ‘community batonnage’ is back again! Roll on Friday, let’s get it over with quickly please. I’m thinking Rkatsiteli?



Wishful thinking I fear. If it is Beaujolais would you consider picking up a bottle or two?

@Brocklehurstj I’m a big Beaujolais fan James and might give it a try if it’s something interesting. My favourites are Morgon and Chenas, the latter I’ve always found ages really well.
Sadly, as with many other wines, Beaujolais is beginning to get very pricey.


Nice reference to The Incredibles. It didn’t go unnoticed.


So that gives you, Domaine Vial: Who use a charming violet purple capsule. They also have some Chiroubles. However my money is still on a Beaujolais Rose (from Chiroubles, Domaine Cheyson offer TWO … AC rules allowing)

" The vineyard for Domaine Lafarge-Vial Côte de Brouilly is a small 0.66 hectare plot of Gamay planted in 1968. It faces southeast, on slopes on Mont Brouilly , and is planted on granite soils and blue rocks. "


Which also ties in to a TWS Rose tasting event - with the mystery Rose being delayed…

I am also available for conspiracy theories, predicting the end of TV murder mysteries, and flat earth conferences ideally in far off lands…


Finally had a look at the pic on instagram. Is that Basalt rock? which points to Basalt vineyard in South Western Victoria - no idea the grape, they do the lot ! but maybe Riesling (although I would prefer Tempranillo). Wild guess.

Which totally throws out my earlier guess of a pink Chiroubles. That first pic of a BJL vineyard could have been a cunning 'hareng rouge


Well, today is the day, but still don’t know who is going to be on Instagram yet. Don’t know if Freddy is still judging at the IWSC, but there aren’t any details on the tasting calendar… @laura?

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Whatever the wine… there will be a fair bit of grumbling (including from this member no doubt) on here after the reveal. :wink:

I still think it will be a current vintage Cru Beaujolais.


I agree, would be very happy with that, but I’d be even happier with an older wine.

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