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Bin 008 speculation begins!

Maybe it’ll be a ‘British’ wine, for maximum retro cred :yum:


Non vintage?


Mrs M had a Christmas whim to revisit Green Ginger wine that in years past had been a treat in the depths of winter. Waitrose didn’t have it but I ordered her a bottle of Crabbies (£6.09 for 70cl) from Amazon.

She had a small glass at Christmas time that she didn’t finish. It was not touched again. I hear her put some things in the recycling wheelie bin yesterday morning ( normally my job) and when I looked in it, there was the now emptied bottle.

As I’ve said on this forum, tastes change over time. And to think I’ve reached my vast age without once feeling the need for Sanatogen! :grin:


Bin #008 - Buckfast?


The Instagram post yesterday included the hashtags #ukwine #winegb and #londonwine

which lead me to google ‘London Wine’ and I had not heard of this urban winery:


I think they’re actually the first one, they’re just less good at advertising than Renegade and Blackbook. I’ve heard of them (I believe they were founded by Robersons Wine people) but I’ve never actually tried their wine.


Good spot!


Given they’re usually already suppliers, is it more likely to be from Blackbook, as TWS stock The Mix-up and occasionally their (amazing!) Clayhill Chardonnay.

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They do a varietal Pinot Meunier. Which looks like this. The leaf shape is quite distinctive but it’s hard to tell from the original photo if it’s a match. But would fit the Bin range profile



That’s the spirit! Plus a collar label: Unicorn rampant on a field of uplands d’or.


I did a wine blending day there a few years back, which was a lot of fun, and absolute mayhem in the end, as it involved a great deal of tasting of the various blends we’d produced, and very little use of the spittoon. My memory is that the grapes were shipped in from France, and the wine-making happened in the UK. But it was in their very early days so that may well have changed.


Seems a better bet than Rondo for a nice English red.

Looks like a red wine. Probably made from red grapes (you never know these days). The grapes were likely not grown in Atacama Desert, as nothing really grows there.

I think I’m about two thirds of the way. Someone please help me get to the finish line?


I think the two still PMs made in England are actually both Blanc de Noirs.

Apparently Ventisquero make a wine from grapes grown in the Atacama. Who knew? :slightly_smiling_face:


I think Simpsons do a white one, I’ve enjoyed Swartzrielsing from Germany (both red and BdN) and Best’s from Australia is a bit of legend.

Either way sounds interesting?!

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They do! We got ours from Waitrose Cellar (sold as part of the ‘on the QT’ range). We thought it was surprisingly good! :ok_hand:

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They do, but I would say calling Vale de Huasco a desert is a bit of a stretch, no?


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There are some truly amazing photos and satellite images of some of the oases in the higher altitude areas of the Atacama - splurges of very concentrated green in gorges, surrounded by miles of bare rock.

The Elqui valley is surrounded by desert, but still produces some great wines. And lots of Pisco.


Very old English vine Wrotham Pinot brought (some legends say) by the Romans, has been identified as e Pinot Meunier