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Bin 008 speculation begins!

Now you’re talking!

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My monies on Rhone


Marcel could split the French-German remit and have sourced something quirky from the Alsace - perhaps a pinot noir.

I think that might be considered stepping on another buyer’s toes!

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This friday…!!

If Marcel is in then so am I


Granite , schist, decomposed soils … ! Anyone thinking Morgon ? Jean Foillard, Jean Marc Burgaud maybe ?


Marcel isn’t Beaujolais though, is he?

If that’s meant to be a clue, then I’m changing my guess to something Syrah, Grenache or Mourvedre.

I still think Muscat de Hamburg would have been great. Maybe next time?


True … it’s Tim… they may just be messing with our heads :see_no_evil:!


Wasn’t there some kind of slip-up by Anna from the tastings team (ie verging on a pre-announcement) during the Clos des Cazaux Zoom? Might it be that?


That is perzactly my thought!! :dragon:
Messing with our heads, surely not!!

Right that’s it, i’m going all in for 100% Mourvedre from Cazaux :joy:


Yes… What did you buy in the Rhone ep sir

I’d buy that!

Yes! I reckon you might be right at that

It is too embarrassing to print out the full list here, but highlights include Cornas VV from Alain Voge and the Chateauneuf Chaupin from Domaine de la Janasse. I ended up with a pretty even split between north and south, with a good range of wines at the cheaper end of the spectrum that will provide literally years of pleasure.

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I had a Welsh Rondo from Montgomery and thought it was pretty good. Maybe this is for the ‘secret wine shame thread’…


Do they have a lot of Mourvèdre at Cazaux?

For anyone interested, the letting slip of confidential, need to know information happens at 51 minutes precisely here. The grape variety isn’t mentioned, but it made me chuckle.

However, I’d recommend everyone watches the whole presentation, I thought it was brilliant.


“If the following vintage is not as good as the previous one we declassify it” - he delivers that line with a positivity that doesnt marry with my perceived negativity of that statement