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Bin #006?

Is Tasmanian PN well known to the average wine consumer? I could well be wrong, but I’d be surprised to see it on the shelves of my local Tesco or Sainsbury’s.


I think it’s perfectly acceptable as a Bin wine. Pinot may not be unusual, Australian wine might not be unusual but when you start discussing Tasmanian wine that’s when I would say we start to see something different. Who is the buyer for Scotland? :wink: because if we want a 007 Bin that really kicks things off :crazy_face: (for bad or good) I will offer my services as Scotland Buyer @laura


I assume bin 007 is going to be Scotch then?!


Not whisky but I see why you went for it

I think Bin 7 will take us to South America.

I don’t know about Tesco or Sainsbury’s, but both Aldi and Waitrose have had it.


I’m waiting for this one to sell out then I’m going to complain that the WS didn’t do enough to ensure I knew about it.


I have bought a couple Tasmanian PN bottles from Aldi in the past (they only sell them online), but agree that it’s not a wine area known to the ‘average’ wine drinker.


We had a Mexican red wine a couple of years ago that was tasty on first drinking. The 2nd bottle that we kept for a year or so - not so much

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Sainsbury’s list a Josef Chromy Pinot online but I’ve never seen it on the shelf in my local branch.


I would be happy to see some of the Moorilla ‘Muse’ series on the WS pages! Brilliant wine.


Following some opinions here as well as my own preconceptions, I decided to do some reading about Tasmanian wine.

A few bullet points for consideration. obtained from Peter’s very useful 750 page document of numbers related to grapes as well as a few other online sources:
(Most sources dated 2016/7, so a little out-of-date)

  • Tasmania is Australia’s only designated cool climate region

  • Tasmania makes up approx 1% of the total area under vine in Australia (of which 4% is pinot Noir)

  • Tasmanians drink 40% of their own wine and apparently the rest of Australia drinks another 50%. this doesn’t leave much for global exports

  • Although Pinot Noir vines represent 40% of the total area of Tasmania under vine, 40% of Tasmanian wine is sparkling, so much of the Pinot Noir ends up fizzy


Are you going to try this one @AnaGramWords? It might be tasty


I just did this. Took 2 minutes from dialling, including removing the £40 from the order I didn’t want (well, did want, but shouldn’t).

Now in reserves


Joseph Kromy (sp?) and Tamar Ridge we drank quite often living down under and for in country Pinot was well priced versus the cult producers of Mornington, Yarra and Geelong. So really looking forward to my 3 . In fact the quantity is the only disappointment.


the other thing of course is the terroir

On the bin6 page, it’s described as

Soil type: Silica sands over sandstone

on the tasting notes for the Tolpuddle Pinot 2018, we have

light silica sands over sandstone

it’s not just the type, but the way it’s written (in fact, doing a quick google, the only people to use the expression in that exact way is the Tolpuddle Vineyard).

coupled with the fact the vineyard does appear to be 90m above sea level, the same as the release notes for Bin006

The actual branded wine appears to be $87 (~£48) https://www.tolpuddlevineyard.com/product/2018-Tolpuddle-Vineyard-Pinot-Noir, so not a bad return


Well done for all the research done, to find the location of the Bin #006 vineyard. :+1:

Having eaten my words, saying that I would be very unlikely to purchase; I was not expecting Tassie PN as the latest selection. So :clap: to @Freddy & @PierreM !!

I then tried to follow a trail from Hill-Smith, The Other Wine Co, Liberty Wines etc.
I concluded that Tolpuddle was the most likely candidate, and if true to have a cuvee from this sought after and highly regarded vineyard at this price, deserves very high praise indeed.

I have memories of a Penfolds Bin (single No.) Pinot Noir that was sold by Oddbins. There was not much, restaurant proprietors could be observed crawling over broken glass to get some - I found some in Swansea and Oddbins kindly transported it to a very grateful Taffy in Aberdeen. It had lain, (forgotten about) in a corner of some storage facility and had thrown a considerable deposit. It was utterly fantastic. I wonder if this cuvee has been fined and filtered, and if so - how much?
I will receive my 3 bottles of this Bin #006 tomorrow :blush:, and look forward to trying a bottle over the weekend. :grinning: :dragon:


I also managed this easily with a 2 mins phone call this morning to put my 3 bottles in Reserves :+1:


A lazier way of doing this is to just order it for delivery… then when the confirmation email comes just reply that you would prefer this in reserves. (or so I am told)


I used to buy Tamar Ridge from Averys when I lived in Bristol. Always quite a decent fruit driven PN if I remember correctly.

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