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Bin #003 is here!

Wasn’t (isn’t) WIGIG Majestic-speak? (Not that they were exactly problem-free!)

Surely the Exhibition range serves a useful function for members uncertain about what any particular wine can offer? That’s not just a beginner-friendly thing - it may equally be helpful to hoary oldtimers (like me) who are not certain what some newly ascendant wines can be like.

In a way, it’s a useful calibration point, though I suppose there’s a potential downside, because in practice most wine-growing areas offer multiple interpretations of the same thing; one of the great joys of visiting the areas yourself is to find this out. But a decent calibration is a good starting point.

There must be wines of this “calibration quality” that the Society comes across from time to time, but which may not meet other criteria such as reasonably assured repeatability. Or perhaps the buyers may feel that with a showcase, they may interest buyers who may otherwise pass by most wines from a certain location. The “bin series” seems like a reasonable way of offering such wines to the membership.

If that’s the case, then I’m for it. The Society needs to experiment to address the changing needs of the membership, and this seems a reasonable way of doing it.