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Bin #003 is here!


The best way to find out most new information is by scouring social media … and here we have it! Bin 003 is here! And it’s a WHITE! I’m quite excited about a Ribolla Gialla. Can’t ever remember drinking a varietal of this grape before.

You can thank Susie and Peter for this info :rofl:!


6 bottles ordered!


I got to try this yesterday at the press tasting. I’ll post my notes in that thread later but it’s very good.


During the 14th century, the Italian poet Giovanni Boccaccio listed indulgence of Ribolla wines as one of the sins of gluttony in his diatribe on the subject. (Wikipedia)

I shall order one bottle.


With just the one, no one can accuse you of gluttony :wink:


Thanks for the heads up. Despite the cupboard being fully stocked I’m already coming up with excuses to place an order. Yet another grape I’ve never tried. The producer seems to have an impeccable reputation. It looks like great value, etc.

As the first two bin numbered wines sold out so quickly I guess it would be prudent to order sooner rather than later if I wish to secure a bottle or two though.

TWS HQ is 30 miles away. There goes my resolve, again !


You and me both…


I swear there’s someone at TWS HQ staring at a computer saying, ‘Ooh! Halliwell’s just had an order delivered! RELEASE BIN THREE!!!’

puts case in basket anyway


Again…you and me both… :rofl:


746 cases of 12 - should last at least 2 days…


I really enjoyed the Bobal although it seemed to get mixed reviews.

Ribolla is a brilliant choice to keep this series running. Timing is rubbish though.
Big order submitted on Wednesday followed by knee jerk purchase of the Dujac yesterday.

Also getting bombed by emails for the latest Ardanza (2010 has been awarded their Especial label) which is sorely tempting me.

May set up a Justgiving page and see if any friends and family will help with my predicament. :wink:


What a super idea! Having just placed an order yesterday, I feel exactly the same.


Don’t forget to use the tag line… #prayforGWills and #prayforVinoVeritas when setting up the just giving page… :sweat_smile:


The only time I’ve been aware of it is in the Krasno Sauvignon Blanc Ribolla Gialla which is a decent wine. I can’t remember ever seeing it on its own.


I’ve just recently had that, I think I’ve one bottle left :wink::thinking:


Opened a bottle yesterday evening. A bit like an Albariño but with more ‘oomph’, in a rich viogner style so needs to be well chilled. TWS description is spot on regarding taste profile.

Served with mixed (cold) seafood: poached wild sea-trout, smoked salmon, fresh crab + avocado and tomato salad & toast. I highly recommend the Bin 03 and will be back for some more, a credit to TWS.


Oh no you won’t! It’s behind you! :wink:


Who keeps buying all this wine before I get to order more than one bottle!!??

RIP #Bin003


Sorry #3 already and still not impressed. I’m not feeling it. I don’t get what’s special other than the brevity of supply.


Oh which ones have you tried ? Is it all of them you didn’t like or just one in particular? I still have a couple of each but may open the zweigelt tonight :relieved:.