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Bin #002 ( Yes discourse, this is a real topic 🤣)


Just a quick head’s up as you expressed an interest - this is now on sale! :wink:


Just hours after my second order this month was placed!

I was weak placing two, absolutely no chance of three orders in 2 weeks.

Please save me a bottle :pleading_face:


Almost exactly my thoughts both for this and for the Ulysse Pauillac that’s just appeared! Highlighted in this thread: TWS Ulysse Pauillac


A quick email to member services and they should be able to add one to your order, unless dispatched already!

I’ve done this a few times when something has caught my eye or appeared post order.


Following @Olivercg’s method you may even swap it with a wine in your order if you are worried about the quantity and there is a bottle that you are less keen on than the Zweigelt…


Thanks gents, but for this recent order I decided to place one for the reserves following certain rave reviews of the 2010 Barolo Baudana. My storage at home does not currently have the space to accommodate the 12 bottles now winging their way to one of the Society’s special warehouses. I don’t think the Zweigelt would last the distance in such esteemed company.

Also my wife does not truly understand my weakness and could maybe wait a while (5 years?) before learning of it!

I will clearly have to sign up some more friends and family, encouraging them to try a bottle of Bin002 in their first order.

The new "Bin" series

You should be alright til August and a new month’s wine ‘allowance’ (that’s how I imagine mine works anyway). There are well over 260 cases left…


I took one home from Stevenage today, waiting for a friend to return to the area in September to share it with her. I expect great things, but I want to hear what you guys have to say!


Effi thinks its great…Can’t wait to try it :yum:


LOOOOOVE this photo. :smile: And there’s a few more posts from press/reviewers we’ll be sharing on soshe in the coming days, I’m chuffed with the feedback it’s getting!


I especially like that she has the TWS membership welcome pack box on the table there


It’s a Zweigelt… how could it ever be anything but lovely? :heart_eyes:


Yes, she joined up last year and did an adorable set of ‘unboxing’ videos on Instagram Stories about receiving the new member pack (nothing to do with us, all Effi’s own work!) and it’s still one of my favourite things we’ve ever been tagged in. :slight_smile:

Haha! I’m so glad you’re a fellow zweigelt fan - it’s a fave of mine too! I hope @Freddy will be able to read this feedback once he’s back from his buying trip to Australia seeing as he sourced this wine. :smiley:


I’m almost regretting not taking a second bottle :joy: The bin series is good news indeed


I love Effi’s Instagram, she’s such a positive lovely person and is doing a lot for women in wine too.


With 4g/l residual sugar this wine is the the higher end of dry (obviously relative and subjective… the Bobal was 2.3 g/l apparently)… will be interesting to see the tasting notes here. Too bad RS levels are not shown for other wines (I know it has been raised before)…


I don’t want to fan flames/hype etc, but if there’s that many left then I really wouldn’t be sure about it sticking around to the end of the month… I could be wrong obviously and don’t have all the data to hand (am on hols up in the Tirol) but if that stock info is correct, then it must be selling pretty quickly.

Vielen danke!


1141 6-packs available right now


Oh right, that’s twice the amount quoted above. Hmm… I think ignore my earlier comment as I don’t have the info in front of me. Sorry all


I’ve a question about these Bin series. They are presented as a limited edition which is fine but what if I buy it and absolutely love it? Have I just been teased? Is it likely that TWS will start getting in more, in this case, Familie Mantler in the future if there’s sufficient interest. Or will whatever I buy now be all I’m ever likely to get from this particular producer? I’m not seeing anything offered from this producer anywhere else in the UK.