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Bin #001 Bobal 2017



Oh absolutely, and we may well stock further vintages - but not under the Bin Series label. They’re one-offs for the reasons I mentioned above.


But changing the name (once already, and a second time now planned) seems to be the best way of ensuring that people will NOT buy it: if I buy and like it under the Bin name, how will I know (except from the eagle-eyed members of this group) that some different name in year or two means the same thing? Perhaps worse, if I buy it and don’t like it, how will I be able to avoid it in the future?

Unclear and confusing labelling is one of the most frequent criticisms of wine selling, and introducing unnecessary name changes, own labels, special purchases… seems designed to confuse.


There’s lots we can do to make it clear if we stock further vintages of similar wines from the producer - for instance we can reference it in the tasting note. :slight_smile:


Of course you ‘can’ make it clear, but you didn’t when you introduced this one, and you are still not committing to doing it if you do offer it again. The email said ’ Act quickly if you’d like to try this new wine: as with all forthcoming Bin Series wines, Bin #001 is a limited-edition bottling and once it’s gone, it’s gone.’ No indication that it had been on offer before, and a direct assertion that it will not be offered again. Cut the hype, say that you think that this is a wine and a grape worth trying, and give it a name that can be recognised and then found again.


But if they did all that, what would the Community have to complain about then?


Yes, I have always agreed with Gama in Princess Ida: isn’t your life extremely flat with nothing whatever to grumble at?’


Zev is a great guy, and I too was with him around 10 years ago, when he was finishing the filming for his Douro documentary. He used to live near Valencia, so was very familiar with Bobal-country.

I have the original Bobal documentary, and am happy to lend it to anyone I can personally hand it over to. Could perhaps be persuaded to post it, but in that case it might be easier for you to get the latest one from Zev, perhaps as a Vimeo download.


Cricket enthusiasts, crown or flat green fans perhaps?


Is this called ‘test marketing’?


I think it’s more ‘re-stocking future vintages of a wine we think is brilliant quality and which our members love’, haha! :smiley:



A few years ago - I visited Requena - midway between Madrid and Valencia on the train, where 75% of the wine is Bobal. I kid you not, 45C at midday - the vines do well to survive. And this is the first time I’ve seen Bobal in the UK so congrats to TWS (there is a rose version which is even better, served chilled it combats the summer heat). Try it with a dish of mixed grilled meats & saffron rice

If you are ever there, I suggest this place: not a tourist in sight, brilliant lunches where the wine is complimentary - a full bottle of local rose Bobal is thumped down at the table before you have even looked at the menu



Not to take anything away from TWS, but Majestic had a Bobal on their list for a number of years - which was a bit rustic, but which we nevertheless enjoyed on a number of occasions. Both Waitrose and M&S also been stocking Bobal rosé for at least a couple years - both were great value for money - but haven’t seen them this year unfortunately.


Thanks Inbar - I’ll look out for the rosé - good to know. I am amazed that they actually manage to make wine in such a hot & dry area. I agree ‘Rustic’ is a fair description.


Surprised by that, my local indie shop usually has one on the shelves and the society usually has the solo bobal in stock and had the previous vintage of this bobal in stock.

I had no idea they make a rose with it though, would be fascinating to try.



This is the one M&S used to stock:

And this is the the one Waitrose used to stock:


If either supermarket re-stock these grab them. They really do make a great summer drink- the Waitrose one, especially! :+1:


On the ‘red’ side of rose: stawberries and cream, some cranberry / raspberry… almost a light Gamay - depends a lot on the producer. A chilled bottle on a roasting hot day - surprisingly good with BBQ meats / prawns. But you need the summer heat to be in the high 30’s for it to work.


First Bobal I remember us stocking was in 2011 - Ponce Clos Joven Bobal 2009.


Opened a bottle of the Bin.1 midweek. Released FAR too young - needs several years in bottle to mature and soften - just my opinion.


And now out of stock in less than two weeks. Labelling it as a TWS selection appears to be a genius stroke of marketing.

Glad I got in early !


Now to play the guessing game ‘what will Bin #002 be?’.

I’ll say a white. From Hungary.