Bill Gates Interview on CNN

It is 04.30 am and I have just finished watching, a Bill Gates interview on CNN regarding the Pandemic. If you want to watch it will no doubt be on CNN or YouTube.
I will not attempt to be the poster boy for this topic, but watching a man with incredible wealth speak about how relatively little has been done in the developed world, when the signs of a deathly tsunami was there if you knew where to look. He gives an insight as to what the USA might expect in the short term and what will happen if they do not take draconian action. Also what will happen in the likes of Africa and how travel will be affected in the foreseeable future.
Watch it, don’t watch it, with the current isolation that we are enduring, the one thing that you cannot say is that you do not have the time!
Some years ago, a friend mine-a computer boffin, had an all encompassing hatred for Bill Gates that I am ashamed to say rubbed off onto me. We all have good and not so good parts of our character if we are brutally honest. This morning, for whatever sins my good friend accused Bill Gates of - even if they were true, I just witnessed words from a humanitarian that has and will continue to have made a difference in our world!
05.00 am
Here is part of that interview.


Bill Gates for President

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His 2015 views: Bill Gates: The next outbreak? We’re not ready | TED - YouTube
have been doing the rounds.

I have not always been a fan. I think as a company they stepped on a few shoulders amassing their wealth.

Now he has moved up the chain (Maslow hierarchy of needs style) relative to some of his billionaire peers he seems to be contributing more


I’ve always felt he was unfairly condemned just for being so successful. Most of the accusations (intellectual theft etc.) are false or apply equally to everyone else in the same business. He has done loads of good stuff, including putting large amounts of his MS stock into a charitable trust and arguing that the super rich like himself should pay much more tax. I have always had a lot of respect for him despite his slight lack of charisma.