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Big Brand wine reviews -Jamie Goode


When I read on Wine Anorak that Jamie Goode was video tasting some big brand supermarket brands… the first person I thought of was @Herbster’s mother :smile:. (Sorry). He’s been through Barefoot, Yellowtail, Lindemans and Apothic inferno so far and its interesting to watch.
Interesting because he is laying credit to wine making and treating these wines (as he should) with the respect and fairness he would to a far more complex and expensive wine. It’s infact quite refreshing to watch.
He is 4 wines into the 9 he purchased for this review but worth a watch if anyone is interested…


I feel his pain :dizzy_face:


Oh, and I like his Sub Pop t-shirt!

I think his relative generosity towards the Yellow Tail chardonnay was because he only had a couple of sips - it takes a few more than that before the sugar builds up enough to give your palate that warm, furry coat.