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Big Birthday Bashes



The arrival of the 2015 Bordeaux en-primeur wines got me musing once again on my ever-growing list of wines in storage that will one day give great pleasure.

It’s part of the fun of wine buying to amass a rich and varied cellar, but sometimes I have to stop and wonder when on earth I’ll actually get round to drinking, and perhaps there needs to come a time where I stop buying such wines. Looking at my list right now, I have 73 bottles ‘pending’ from EP campaigns, and 475 in my reserves, waiting for just the right moment. It’s a little excessive really, but luckily I’m stil young enough to look forward to some cracking birthday parties!

I have about 12 cases that need drinking in the next couple of years - mostly Thalabert which means I need to get on with organising a vertical tasting. But my 40th will be a cracker!

Burgundy, Barolo, Rhone wines all coming into their peak in the next 5 years means I’ll have no shortage of wines to celebrate my fifth decade.

For my 45th it looks like I’ll be focussing on Boardeaux reds, lots at their peak then!

And, at the moment at least, when I’m 50 I can finally enjoy some of the sweet and fortified wines I’ve been saving, as well as a few of the longer-lived Rhone and Bordeaux wines.

Clearly I am not going to stop adding to this feast but it does make me think I sholud plan a little better, rather than the ‘yes please everything’ approach I’ve had so far.

Ah who am I kidding…

Anyway, what milestones do you have that you’ll be toasting with the wines in your reserves?


Nice post!

My budget is quite limited, but I’ve been trying to gather wines from the children’s birth years - half a case here, half a case of something else there - so that we can, say, drink a bottle per birthday for the next six years, then drink a bottle per birthday of something slightly more ageworthy for the next six years after that, and so on.

For example, The Boy was born in 2013 (thanks a bunch kiddo, there goes the claret idea…), so I’ve got some Tahbilk cabernet for the next 5-6 years, then some more structured Meerlust cabernet as he enters his teens, then finally half a dozen Mas de Daumas Gassac for early adulthood. After that, well, maybe I’ll have a bit more time to traipse around auction rooms for anniversary wines, or something…:clinking_glasses:


I’m just really hoping 2018 will be a Port year so I can put some away for my daughter.
By ‘daughter’ I mean ‘me’. :rofl:


@Tom…the thought of all that Thalabert gives me a sort of horizontal feeling…best of luck with your plans !!!:wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::+1:.

Justa thought it’s my 75th next April…must get plenty of Southern Rhone in😇


or maybe her daughter…


This is, indeed, altruism of the strangely selfish kind! :wink:


She’ll thank me when she sees the joy on my face while drinking it.


Or she might just beat you to it and raid the port stocks while underage and a raving party animal :smile:


Well. She is my daughter after all… :rofl:


Thanks for making me realise the next milestone is 50…:anguished:…but someway to go !

Will be some 2010 Bdx for me as it lots should be in their drinking window along with some grower champagnes

My son is a lucky boy…born in 2010 and a reasonable amount of cases are stored for his 18th / 21st / uni fees in Basingstoke !

Be positive…550 bottles…thats not even two years supply :wink:


I have a bottle of port that has a drinking window till my 100th, also another magnum of white wine where the drinking window closes on my 111th…


May you stick around to enjoy both! :wink:


Better planning next time, eh?.. Or is there no next time!!?


I think I will have to up my EP game by listening to you lot :sweat_smile:. I sincerely doubt my Grower champagnes will last til my oldest (Also born 2013 @Herbster) comes of age but on a plus I do have some pretty decent Burgundy from 2015, the year of my sons birth. From a financial point of view alone, I will NOT be procreating any further :grin:.


There is definitely no next time! If you know what I mean…:scissors::scissors:


Oh, sure I do! Welcome to the club! :wink::+1:


Well Angludet 09 is earmarked for my 40th in a few years, along with the Vieux Telegraphe '05.

I think the Mourre de Perdrix 2016 and Siran 2015 may well serve the same function for my 50th, but I’m sure I’ll have bought some other stuff by then!


So it’s six months to my 75th…I’ll notionally select a wine for each month until 27th April…

Wine 1…Champagne Larmandier-Bernier 1er Cru Latitude extra brut.

How many bottles of each will be decided as time goes by :champagne::champagne::champagne:


What a coincidence it’s 30 years since I underwent the Accrington Brick treatment!! :roll_eyes::champagne::champagne:


Right, I’ve got about 5 years to become @tom’s best mate and get some invites to these birthday bashes.