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Better by the dozen(s)


Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been rather absent. Hopefully some of you will remember me.

I have a task which I would love to have your expert input on as my wine brain has been put into reserves and apparently I don’t have to pay storage as long as I don’t try to use it for the next 12 months.

As some of you may know, I have moved to help build a new community around a financial startup - it’s crazy busy but lots of fun (something I would not have expected to say about finance until recently).

My colleagues do like good wine (of course), so I have been asked to organise an in-house tasting for the 25 or so of us - with a view to maybe doing more for our customers at events in future too.

Naturally I want to make it related to this place (this community still feels like one of my kids, albeit one that has grown up and moved out - or was that me?) so I need a fantastic list of suggested wines I can show - and maybe I can get them all to join up.

Can you help me with suggestions? I’m guessing I should really be asking the king of puns

Coincidentally, the company name already links to wine - hint: it is a word for the number of bottles in a case so I’d love to link to that word / idea / brand … but have struggled to think of any specific bottles that I can use.

Best suggestions are also welcome to an invite to come along and join me of course


I would include this:

Had it at the Rhône tasting and it really hit the spot. Other reviews positive, but less enthusiastic. Pretty good for the price and also 2-3 years potential to improve.


Might fit with the company name? Possibly too modern a style for some, and possibly too young to be at its best, but could be an interesting comparison with a traditional style Rioja as well?


Funnily your anchor text does not work… at least when I click on the iPhone or my laptop (in Chrome) it does not bring up @Ewan’s details…


You’ve been very much missed, @robert_mcintosh! Sounds like a fun event!

I’m guessing there will be lots of reds suggested, so I’ll suggest two favourite whites - both offer excellent value for money (there! I got a financial concept in! :wink:):


I’d eat my hat if they don’t wow people! :+1:


Good to hear Dozens is keeping you busy !

first a couple of questions -
whats the price point or do you want a range (to show increasing quality with price?)
any particular theme? reds = Bdx blends whits - Chards from around the world ?


Rob!! We’ve missed you!! I’m going to suggest a wine from Katie Jones because somewhere in the back of my head she has a total of 12 ha under vine. I think im right but no harm in the romance if not.

Also, this is probably one of the more expensive offerings there are alternative Katie Jones wines on the list.


Love it, thanks so much guys. some great suggestions (love the Lan d 12 idea)

I know a few of these and love them myself.

In answer to the question about price, in not really bothered add it is for a tasting so it is about the quality and story really :slight_smile:

So lovely to hear from you all again :slight_smile:


WELL……… if money if no object… This is the PERFECT dozens drink :laughing:


Having run a few of these in the past, unless they’re all experts, I’d strongly recommend picking a theme, or some compare and contrast selections (eg Sancerre Vs NZ Sauv Blanc; Syrah Vs Shiraz), so that people who may have varying levels of wine knowledge have something outside work that they can remark on or talk to each other about while tasting.


Ha ha! I like the way you think


Hello again! I have really enjoyed this lovely white Rhone…

While not an alternative to SB, it has a great nose and would satisfy the chardonnay lovers out there, but still manage to be something delicious and a talking point for most non-wine enthusiasts who might not have tried Viognier. VGVFM in my opinion.


I’m sure you won’t believe me, but this is honestly one of the first chances I’ve had to get back to this topic

I’m so grateful for the suggestions. I’m not sure when I can arrange the tasting, but I’ll order some of these for myself … for research purposes :wink:

(maybe not the Salmanazar to be fair)

I’ve just heard that we are having a meetup next Thursday though, so I may well order a few wines for the occasion in case some discerning palates happen to join us

Anyone in the vicinity of Tower Bridge on the evening of the 21st and happen to want to say hi?


If I didn’t live in the NE :confused:… ! enjoy the wines and spreadi g the wine passion :wink:!