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Bestsellers "right now"


Just looking at the bestsellers offer on the website and wondering what “right now” means. Are these the bestsellers over the last 10 minutes, the last week, the last month, the last year? I’d certainly find it helpful to know.


Not the last 10 minutes but not the last week either! It’s updated every 24 hours :slight_smile:


Thanks, I don’t look at it often but on that basis I suppose it could be a bit variable. Next question: is it based on bottle sales, or on number of purchasers? Or to put it slightly differently, if 1 or 2 members bought several cases of a wine, could it become a bestseller?


No worries! It’s by bottle sales.


I’d never noticed Best Sellers.

So, is this Top 10 like Alan Freeman’s chart count down with the last one being the top seller, or is the one at the top No. 1, pick of the pops?


The top wine on the list is the best selling - usually the Society’s White Burgundy.


WS White Burgundy even comes top if you restrict the list to red wine.


Unfortunately the filter functionality isn’t correctly working on the older search product lists, we do however have another page on the site with top sellers for reds, white etc which is linked below: