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Best xmas fizz deals



Tis the season to be jolly. Preferably with some champers you bought a couple of years ago. But it’s also definitely the best time to stock up on NV grand marque champagne for future drinking. I always try and do that in December because the prices are just so much better than the rest of the year, so, in case my “research” is of use to others, best deals I’ve found at the moment are:

  • Roederer and Gratien: buy at TWS of course! As others have said frequently, it really is worth stashing away a six pack of the Society’s champagne now, for Christmas 2021/2!

  • Bollinger NV: £26.25 at Sainsbury’s with a mix six. Yup, £26.25 including VAT etc. and yes, that is for 75cl. Some retailers seem to be able to sell halves of it for more than that…

  • Taittinger: £24 at Morrisons (who also have great prices on Pol Roger and Clicquot vintage, but sold out online)

  • Nyetimber: Sadly, Majestic have stopped flogging it at 25.99, but Waitrose have come to the rescue and it’s back on offer at £27.

Any other must-have fizz deals that others have spotted?


Morrisons: Veuve Cliquot nv @ £26. Max 3 bottles per customer, offer runs out today 3rd dec. All shelves are empty so I bought online. If you want more than 3 bottles, just buy another 3, with a new delivery date (repeat as needed).


I’ve been hearing lots of talk about cancelled online orders so my approach would be to visit the supermarkets if at all possible. Morrisons is good that there is no minimum quantity, but there does not seem much in-store.

ASDA is still running 6+ 25% off. They have the following - Moet 2012 £30, Tattinger 2012 £30, Tattinger NV £20.25.


Yes to the Bolli! Also purchased at Sainsbury’s Laurent Perrier NV @ £22.50. In my local the buy 6 for -25% goes on until the 12th of December, so no great rush.

Has anyone tried the Nicolas Feuillatte NV, now at £15.75? Any good?

Talking of keeping NV champagne to let it develop, I finally went through a case of Perrier Jouet from circa 8 to 10 years after purchase and, apart from one bottle which was decidedly past it, they were wonderful, the last one especially. So do hang on as long as you can.


Add Tatty vintage 12/13 at £30 before discount.


Very tempted by the Roederer
30£ a bottle for 6
So can be put into reserves
Tried it recently at a tasting in Bristol and it stood out in comparison to others (pol roger, bollinger)
Well balanced, rich and a judicious dollop of toastynuttiness
I would recommend
I also preferred it to their vintage they had on offer
I guess horses for courses and all but thought it was excellent


I did grab a case of the Nyetimber from Majestic, which with a £20 off voucher brought the bottle price down to £22.66, and will probably be the sparkling for christmas day!

I think they are still selling the cases online for £155.94 (£25.99/btl), although the individual bottle price has gone back up, and the vouchers are pretty easy to come by!


Are they posted out or available online somewhere? I’ve had a few £10 vouchers through the letter box, but never a 20.


I just received a £30 “we miss you” voucher in the post so picked up 6 Nyetimber for bottle price of £21! Thanks for the tip @Alex88.


I think I found a £20 for new customers on spends over £60 offer online somewhere, and as I order from there relatively infrequently, just used a different email address for a new account for the order