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Best Wine Tours from Adelaide and Melbourne


I will be in Australia next March / April. Does anyone have some hints and tips about wine tours leaving Adelaide and Melbourne. I’m looking for organised tours as I have no intention of driving!


Hi Bob

Send me an email and I’ll pass on some contacts. Have sent you a message with my address.



I have been on a couple of day wine tours from Melbourne to Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. Both were with Vinetrekker (https://vinetrekker.com.au/) and were both excellent. I particularly liked that they visited high quality wineries (Coldstream Hills, Yering Station, Yabby Lake etc).




We tend to do our own organising so I don’t have any names to offer. But over the years we have gone on two or three, and the best ones were on personal recommendation - in one case from somebody at the local tourist office in Melbourne who quizzed us on the sort of things we wanted. That one was excellent.



Thanks for your reply.

I had seen this tour on the Viator site but could not identify the tour operator. This is good info!



In Melbourne try and get to the quieter wine region, Geelong / Bellarine Peninsula. You can easily get the train to Geelong then a bus either all the way to Queenscliff or if you fancy take the heritage train from Drysdale to Queenscliff (the bus stops next to the station). In Queenscliff is the Queenscliff Brewhouse which has a surprising and excellent selection of local wines, beers and more! The wine really is something else, made by small producers with a focus on quality. You’re also struggle to get any of it in the UK so will be something new and unique. In terms of public transport your myki will work all the way from the tramstop nearest your hotel all the way to the bus out in Geelong! And as you’re in Melbourne may I plug the OmNom kitchen at the Adelphi Hotel if you want excellent food, exceptional desserts and cocktails plus mainly Victorian wine on sale!