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Best wine for roast duck legs


Is there anything more delicious and good value than Duck Legs?

The whole bird can be rich, but also poorer value since the ratio of meat to bones can be surprising. And while I love duck breasts, they are usually cooked quite differently to keep them juicy, but I like the long, slow cooked, melt-in-your-mouth roasted legs. We can’t get enough of them, and slow roasted in the oven they are not only delicious but easy too.

I believe some would recommend Pinot Noir or Tempranillo (Rioja) as a wine match, but I’m not sure. While I love duck, I would like to make sure the wine choices will stand up to it without overpowering it.

What do you drink with duck legs?


A few things on the WS list that would work well in my opinion.


I think the Adela de Colares is a very good shout @NickFoster along the same lines a nebbiolo would work, for example this one:

or a Xinomavro for that matter…


I really wish I had some to test it with … but that’s a great shout


Love Pinot with duck, especially new world Pinots.


@robert_mcintosh what did you go with in the end? I am making duck confit lasagna and thinking of opening some Californian PN


I had no New World Pinot Noir to have it with so tried it with the lovely Weinert Cabernet.

While the wine was great, I am not sure it really added to the dish. I think I really needed something with more red fruit, not the darker fruit of this Cab.

Something to experiment with for the future as we do try to have this as a treat from time to time, so please feel free to keep your suggestions coming


I think the Kistler Pinit was a good match… in fairness it is a very pleasing sipping wine, too