Best value wine at £10-£15

I think £10-£15 is quite a jump but also a sweet spot. Be great to hear what people expect for 50% more


For me, the Luigi Baudana Dragon Langhe Bianco is hard to beat in that price range; it could compete higher too IMO. Just gorgeous stuff.


Probably my favourite wine in this category is Caronne Ste Gemme, which is also one of my favourites overall. It’s demise last year will eventually lead to a large hole in my cellar.


This is my go to red in this price range The Society's Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore 2019
Amazing with Italian food and grilled meats.


This price point brings in a few more Rhône and further south…Dom Mourchon, Perrin Cairanne Peyre Blanche, Dom Maby for their usually delicious GSM and if it’s on a special Dom Jones Fitou.

I would also second @Tomh selection above.


Purchased a few of these when it was on at £12.50. Would buy again at the standard price. Very good.


Rose de Xinomavro, Thymiopoulos

Just insane complexity for £13:50. So unusual, yet so good.


Talking of Thymiopoulos…at £14.95, this just about squeezes into the category.

The Society’s Exhibition Naoussa Xinomavro 2020

Some of the reviews suggest it is too “light”. Not sure whether they are referring to colour or body, but either way lightness is a plus for me. Opened a bottle last night, coincidentally, cooled to 12 degrees and drank in 35 degree heat. Was most refreshing. How can such a light wine have such powerful flavours? Highly recommended now and will no doubt age well.


A couple that I love and are fantastic value.

Flaminio Salento, Vallone 2019

The above is just gorgeous, lots going on but really well balanced. It’s sometimes on offer, at around £11, when it’s even better value.

This is also sensational value and even better with 7-10 years of ageing.

Spätburgunder, Markgräflerland, Martin Wassmer 2020

If you drink it now, you won’t fully appreciate it but give it time and it’s wonderful.


This to me is a real bargain. Dark and spicy Syrah rich CDR Saint-Maurice Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Guillaume de Rouville, Domaine de l’Echevin 2017 (


My favourite in this price range:


From fairly recent experience I’d go for :

Brazin Zinfandel, Craggy Range SB, Gaba Do Xil Godello, and Cremant d’Alsace Julien Doppf. All wines I enjoy a lot and fairly regularly. Not sure they are all currently available from TWS and below £15, but they can usually be found somewhere below that price.

Also agree with the Baudana Dragon.


There is a whole lot of very decent Beaujolais that sits in this price range. Beauregard Burgaud, Burrier to name a few producers who have great wines in this category.


Don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet.

For US Pinot its a very good price. As the description says, bright and vibrant. Not the heavy oaky pinot of californian sterotype.

Still have 3 bottles of the 18, so I should confess I’ve yet to try this vintage.


While I hesistate to mention the competition, Majestic also have this one, which is currently on clearance at £12.49:

At 14.5% it’s not exactly light, but it’s also not jammy or OTT. Spicy, but tasteful oak, red fruit (raspeberry, cranberry, black & red cherry) with plenty of structure and good length. Needs an hour decant to open up.


even better with 7-10 years of ageing.

A glass of the 2014 Martin Wassmer here from the “past it” German case. Very tasty drop indeed with a bit of age on it


Too often I have found Spatburgunder overly vegetal or acidic but this is great. Very close to a Burgundy sub

I think a case to reserves for 5-7 years time. Back in stock soon….

Have requested a restock email (but if you don’t subscribe to marketing emails I think this fails)


Thanks for posting your experience @wine.arbitrageur and good to hear that you enjoyed it so much. It really is a bargain, isn’t it?

I realise that the Society is somewhat caught between a rock and a hard place, in terms of its refund guarantee but it’s examples such as this, when I think that it would be good if they provided advice, in the narrative, that whilst the refund guarantee is only valid for a specific window, the wine has the potential to develop beyond this period for such or such a time. Particularly, in my early days of buying from the Society, I was far too reliant upon their drinking windows advice and as such, consumed a fair number of bottles, far earlier than was necessary, resulting in some disappointment at the results. These days, I tend to use my own judgement and Cellar Tracker recommendations, with very positive results.

Thanks again for posting your valuable experience with the Wassmer.


The site is showing the 2020 as due back in stock on 20/09/2023, so worth a check around then. There were a few bottles of 2019 left last night, but gone now (not me Guv, I bought some last week).


You might want to try the Knipser '17. To be fair, I should have them side to side as I don’t quite know why I prefer it to the Wassmer. Might be that I found Wassmer too balanced while Knipser has a bit of everything going on: acid, secondaries, tertiaries…