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Best tree decorating tipple?


So here is my current shortlist

Thoughts? Or indeed other suggestions!

Thank you


Ooh, nice.

Fino, if it is chilled, Palo Cortado if not, is my vote :slight_smile:


It’s chilled to perfection :slight_smile:


A couple of glasses of the Fino whilst doing the deed then sit down and admire your work with the Palo Cortado.


I like your thinking!


Ok… So the line up so far is looking as follows :slight_smile:


After all that I bet the tree is not straight :wink:


Oh ye of little faith! :wink:


Not every bottle is empty!


The white was actually used in our risotto!


Mine is this.

To be drunk in another room whilst the distaff side of the family deal with the detail of the tree decoration.


Only one wine of the list actually has hints of Christmas tree in its flavour profile ( :wink:Yeah I know Its more of a hot day in July sort of wine)


The whole Litre ?? :rofl:


Twelve Days of Christmas… :slight_smile:


Well this thread has made me realise I need to up my tree-decorating drinks game! :smile: That pink fizz looks particularly appealing… and wouldn’t ever have thought to have sherry!

Sorry to lower the tone slightly but we had this:

With mince pies, obvz! And all the naffest Christmas hits playing… the tree got slightly less colour-co-ordinated the more the gluhwein disappeared… :upside_down_face: But it turned out alright: