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Best Snow ❄️ wine?


Whilst I am aware it is still just 8am , we are evidently snowed in with more forecast .! I am anticipating after a day of snowball fights, snowman building and blizzard avoiding there will be a dire need of some wine this evening… I’m sure I will acquire some neighbours too…! Bearing in mind I don’t have any Chasselas, trousseau or Poulsard to pretend I’m in a chic alpine resort, what is your best SNOW wine ?? I’ll even take your best mulled wine recipe :wink: :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


When I’m skiing I just go for the magnum of rose. It often comes with a sparkler attached for that touch of class.
Anyone else sacked off work today?


Well funnily enough I do have a magnum of Rosé :joy:


Then have at it.


Nicest wines I’ve had while skiing:
Bandol rosé in Val d’Isere
Laurent Perrier rosé in Tignes
Vacqueyras in Tignes
Nebbiolo in Gressoney.
Happily these were all fairly reasonably priced a few years ago though I daresay they’ve gone up quite a bit recently.


In this weather I just want a hearty red. Took some Muga seleccion especial (sp?) 2005 out of reserves recently so that’s tempting.


Not the same but I do have this…,
@Andy999, I do have some grand cru rose grower champagne and I think my magnum of rose is a Provence berne…
Keep the suggestions coming , I have along day ahead of refereeing snow fights and defrosting small hands… I need some motivation…:persevere:


Has that Federalist arrived yet?! My lazy mulled wine recipe. Mix red wine of choice with some of that spiced berry cordial that is widely available. To be posh, heat in pan and decorate with cinnamon stick. Otherwise bang in the microwave for a minute or so. Does the job nicely if not very authentic.


I’m totally with you on that. Last night I cooked a chilli and opened this:

Just the ticket!

Not wanting to bang on about Rhone reds again, but I think they make great winter warmers. Bold fruits and spice is basically what I’m after, and they deliver beautifully.


I was going to say Chasselas, not because I ever skied let alone sat in an Alpine chalet - but because it’s such a delicious white. My other option would be a Languedoc red - a St Chinian would tick all the boxes! Love this one:

And this Majestic one was superb:


Yes its arrived thanks @JayKay, wrong vintage but they are sending the correct one!
Thanks for the recipe… I half thought of adding Amaretto too, or Aldi’s cheaper version of Amaretto.


Well that wrong vintage should warm the cockles on a cold day given the alcohol content. And if it’s not to your taste I’m sure it will make a fine mulled wine with that recipe I sent you :crazy_face:


I love this stuff. :joy: Great cocktail mixer/baking ingredient!

In terms of snow wines, maybe a big old Amarone? :smile: Or I actually had a bottle of this:

Not only is it a warming 14.5% it’s bloomin’ delicious - all round and balanced and fruity and a hug-in-a-glass. Another gem of a 2015. Disappeared far too quickly so now I’m hoping I get snowed in at work so I can raid the Showroom…


Yes I feel I’ll need something “Big” ! I do have some Amarone … maybe I should take the Aldi Amarone out in a hip flask as I think it’s only about 11.5% :rofl:
Hopefully you will get snowed in to the showroom and have a “warming” evening :snowflake:️:snowflake:️


I will be finishing this bottle that I have been Coravinning since Christmas. Perfect for snowy weather IMHO. I also think I will order more, it is so satisfying.


Straight onto my wishlist!


Warm and spicy.


Here is Will Lyons’ list of après-ski wines as featured in The Sunday Times this weekend just gone. Interestingly he includes @prenoof’s rosé and @Leah’s Muga suggestions!


Right, so what’s everyone ended up on? This is me…


OMG!! That looks amazing !!!