Best priced reds to lay down

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As I’ve said before I am new to this but I’m very keen to start building a collection of wine… I want to buy a few bottles with every order I place to lay down for 6 Months to 5 years (wine dependant) however to start with I don’t to spend fortunes until I get a better understanding of what’s what. Is it a case of choosing a region you like looking at when the best vintages were and then try to find a wine from that? Or is there a another way???

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TWS have a section within the ‘Buy Wine’ area labelled ‘Wines for Laying Down’, which could be a place to look.

Lots of wines on the general pages have a drinking window of up to 5 years however, and depending on how much you like more mature wine with tertiary flavours I would say in general TWS give fairly conservative drinking windows and many wines will happily last longer than stated if stored well.

If you want to combine building a cellar with an element of discovery I can certainly recommend the Rising Stars vintage cellar plan at £28 per month. I’ve been signed up to this for the past 5-6 years and had some great wines I probably wouldn’t have otherwise tried. I’ll try draw up a list of what I’ve been allocated to give you an idea.

And finally, I’d suggest considering the En Primeur offers where some excellent wines can be found. Important to factor in your storage costs though when deciding what you feel is value for money.

Hope that helps a bit.

Most importantly, enjoy building, and then drinking your collection!



To give some idea, here is a screen shot of a list of wines allocated to me via the Rising Stars plan over the past few years. You get 6 bottles of each wine & 4 different wines per year


Some very good advice there from @woodap and I’d agree with TWS drinking windows being very conservative. Lots of wine will hold up and may even improve after their drink up dates.

The rising stars can be great but I found it a bit hit and miss. There was nothing poor, but a few times I ended up with 6 bottles of a wine I didn’t really care for, so I stopped it when I became more knowledgeable and experienced.

I think you’d be ok just picking a region and using the drinking window as a guide. If it was me I’d start with either southern France or Rioja ( or Spain in general ) as that is where the best value ls in my opinion. There’s a great choice of good wines that will age for at least five years. Most people would add Italy to those two as well but I have little experience with the country that is probably more varied than any other, with masses of different wine styles, grapes and prices

Maybe on your next order put in a bottle of Chateau Musar 2006 ( Lebanese ) and if you like it and it’s stored properly, any future purchases will steadily improve for at least 10 years. It ha a solid reputation amongst wine buffs and is generally considered great value for money even if it isn’t the cheapest around.

Ive signed up to the rising stars thing so will look forward to wgst thst brings

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