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Is that Wallers, @Dan_L? I’m in Cambridge too, and we certainly have a good selection of butchers. Mill Road Butchers are my local, who also do a great range of meat. I’ve heard good things of Malloy’s near the station, but I’ve also heard that they’re pricey. Gog Magog farm shop is excellent, as well.

Hi, Mill road is my local area too! But I have found the butcher there pretty inconsistent- some good quality meat, but a distinct lack of expertise amongst the staff, a couple of weeks ago they tried to sell me a leg of lamb which was off, which I did not appreciate.

I tend to use Gawthroup’s on the market; their service is always excellent and Stephen is always happy to advise me on the best cuts to buy.

When I lived in the Chesterton area I used Waller’s a lot and Cousins in Newnham ( which is where I grew up). We are still pretty spoil for local butchers, unlike some…

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Hmm, not good, and I haven’t experienced that. Mind you, I still hanker for the days when it was Mr Fabish. Nothing ready-cut - he’d just butcher whatever you wanted straight from the carcase…

Are they back since the closure? I only tend to use the market on Fridays for Leigh, the fishmonger, who is very good.

They are! Wednesday and Saturday, I use the dishonest too.

Predictive text error? :rofl: I’m sure Leigh wouldn’t like being described that way!

:joy::joy: too true. Oops. My excuse is it’s late…

Repeat order from Mr Txuleta arrived today

A couple Mini lockdown roasts - bone-in sirloin on special offer
A couple of the mangaliza chops i was drooling over in my last delivery (for us this time) :yum:
A bag of ex-dairy cattle mince that I’m looking forward to burgerising.


I’m envious. That mince will be good. Earlier this week I did a lasagna with a venison / wild boar mix (the meat sauce needed several hours cooking) - outstanding depth of flavour.

How will you be cooking the Mangaliza’s to make the most of the fat?

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Should really be outside on the grill with indirect heat, but I’m knackered and it’s cold, so lots of this

And a little bit of this

Medium-low heat, in the pan for quite a while now rendered the big fat out beautifully and the marbling melted at a nice and slow rate. Just resting now, I’m drooling a little bit.


I suppose you’re trying to blame the drooling on the meat rather than just a sad symptom of general decline, or a hard day’s home schooling!

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My negroni earlier was quite strong…

However, I would definitely echo Mrs B’s assertion it’s the best pork chop she’s ever eaten. So much flavour, still drooling (maybe because negroni)


I’ve just eaten a large home-made pizza topped with ham and chorizo, but this has still given me massive pork envy.

Having re-read this, I’m not sure I should post it, but it’s Friday night and hopefully no one will remember :flushed:

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It will all be forgotten when you wake up tomorrow.

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I know a few people on here have enjoyed the Galician rib steaks from Basco, just had an email through they’re currently 30% off, so down to £22 which I think is pretty decent. Obviously had to chuck in a couple of Txakoli to get up to £60 for free delivery, would have been rude not to.


Now that we can’t be bothered to send langoustines and lobsters to the continent anymore, anyone knows a good supplier that ships nationally?

Asking for a friend.

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This one is perfect for my wife, as the langoustines are already pre-cooked!