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Best online butchers and fishmongers - Wiki

Would members mind sharing their favourite online sources of good quality meat and fish? I have seen a few links posted to suppliers which looked very appealing, most recently to https://www.wildmeat.co.uk/ by @Inbar but it would be great to gather them in one place. I’m no longer within easy striking distance of good local options, so online is looking increasingly preferable.

My only previous experience of ordering online was from https://www.donaldrussell.com/ which I found generally pretty good.

Apologies if this has been done before - I did a quick search but didn’t find anything specifically for this.


I’ve been using Wright Brothers for seafood. They started out as an oyster merchant for restaurants, before expanding into other seafood (and then opening a few restaurants of their own too). For obvious reasons, they’ve switched to selling to people, and they’ve been great.


I’ve been using Lake District Farmers for meat and have no complaints at all. Their lamb and beef in particular is outstanding.

They also offer various restaurant boxes, including Marcus and Jason Atherton - I’ve not tried these yet.


Farmison for meat: choose your breed of beast, choose the age of your steak. AND they do Onglet (hanger) steak… if you are lucky because it tends to sell out. https://www.farmison.com/our-meat/beef/steaks-and-chops/hanger-steak/dry-aged.

Enderby’s of Grimsby (where else) for traditional smoked haddock & hot smoked salmon. Simply wonderful. I buy 5 sides of haddock & a side of salmon at a time & freeze most. https://alfredenderby.co.uk/


if you fancy wild venison, I can recommend Mike Robinson’s stuff. He used to run a pub around here, producing much of the meat himself. He’s now devoting more time to the meat, and obviously with restaurants shut, can’t offload what he could in the past, so…


Ive used Great British Meat for a couple of years now. Top quality meat delivered and always perfect condition.


We use Pipers Farm https://pipersfarm.com/

Decent cheeses too


Recommended by @NW3Andre, I used Txuleta for the first time at Christmas. Best-tasting beef I can remember. The Mangalitza pork chops were for someone else but they looked amazing - never seen such marbling on a chop. The big chunk of Presa was bought with a bit more socialising in mind, so will have to wait but I’m looking forward to it.

They normally supply the restaurant trade and sales are down at least 60% so would definitely appreciate your business. Not cheap, but if you want to splash out for a special occasion I’d heartily recommend them. Not sure about a website, but they are @mr_txuleta on Instagram. I can probably find the January price list if anyone is interested.


This should be a Wiki… I made the original post editable.

Warrendale Wagyu. I can particularly recommend their quick and easy box, for £50 you get 4 steaks, 4 burgers, 2 steak hache, 1kg of mince and 0.5kg stir fry. The meat is very tasty and tender, ranch (ie topside) steaks cook and taste like a lot of sirloin I’ve had, and a chilli with the mince tonight was a noticeable cut above normal. All of the meat weights have been slightly over advertised as well. Free postage over £59 and everything arrived cool and well packed.


We’ve been using this online fish monger for a while now. Some excellent stuff:

Been particularly impressed with the crab and the lobster. Red mullet, hake and halibut fantastic too! :+1:


Contact James for full menu. They also own an excellent Restaurant in London - Lurra.

Dear Client,

Hope all is well.

Your Personal Selection & Dry Ageing Your Beef

This week we took delivery of some incredible UK Ex Dairy Beef, Rib & Sirloin with marbling and yellow fat throughout. This is English Shorthorn from the Peak District. We can label your beef and age for as long as you require for that perfect steak. They are fresh at the moment so allow at least 30 days for ageing from now but the sooner we get your order we can personally select the very best of our selection and put your name on it for dry ageing in our Himalayan Salt Chamber .

Prime Rib (Bone In): £35/Kg. Boneless: £40/Kg

Sirloin (Bone In): £30/Kg. Boneless: £35/Kg

January Promotion

  • Free delivery on all orders from £50 and above (postcode permitting)
  • 5% off all orders at £50 and above
  • 10% off all orders at £100 and above

The Deals

  • Aged 50 Days, Sashi Gold Finnish Ayrshire Bone in Rib/Sirloin: £45/Kg - Only a few pieces left!
  • Ex Dairy Sirloin (Off the Bone): £21/Kg - Very popular so far!
  • Segovian Suckling Lamb Shoulder: £30/Kg (Down £10/Kg) - 1 more week as doing so well!
  • Mangalica Pork: £18/Kg (Down £4/Kg) - Possibly the greatest pork in the world!

Txuleta x Fallow Collaboration


We have teamed up with Fallow’s, W1 creators Jack & Will to create a Sustainable Butchers Box. Launching soon!

Kindly see our full menu attached and please note deals are only shown above.

Thank you,


M: 07968 131 065

Insta: @mr_txuleta


For smoked-fish, yours truly and several Michelin-starred restaurants in London have settled on this:


The best Picanha (Rump Cap) comes from Argentina (1st choice) and Uruguay (2nd choice). Pampas Plain carries both. Ideal for a Churrasco (and that bottle of Malbec you have laying around).


Potted shrimps on a slice of crusty bread with some chopped fresh parsley on top is the perfect antidote to these dark covid winter days.

I get mine from here, where people with much more refined taste than mine also shop:

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OMG @NW3Andre . Mr. Leah is loving this as he spent 3 years down in Brazil and loved Picanha.
We’ve just tried to order twice and the order wont go through which is annoying so I’ll have to call them tomorrow instead but thanks for posting.

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Do give them a call. V nice people. May I recommend you to go for the smaller pieces? The sub-1 kg pieces, if they have them, are easier and faster to prepare (coated in a coarse salt or a brine solution - and garlic shavings if you like) and will feed 2 adults and a couple of kids. You can easily freeze whole pieces for at least 6 months.

Anything bordering 1.2 - 1.5 kg will take a while (a long while) to grill.

And never trim the fat (cap), as it will provide flavour, and most important, moisture and protection.


Thanks @NW3Andre, they only have the 1.3-1.6kg but he’ll get n axe to it and cut in half :joy:

Local to us


Hi Leah - I have this problem occasionally - especially Ryanair ! I use firefox browser, and some sites are not configured for it & bomb you out when it reaches a ‘secure’ page, solution is to use another browser for the final transaction.

But might not work & be another issue? anyway… good luck.

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