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Best music festival you've been to?


Ha… No, I opted for seeing the Italian chapel instead :wink:


I ran out of time and missed that but it’s on my list. I did all my preparatory reading and it’s certainly a fascinating tale and awaiting my next visit!

What was it took you to Orkney - sounds like a work thing?


It was work, I used to cover Orkney, Shetlands and Islands and all of Scotland at one particular time. Veterinary pharmaceuticals .


Still haven’t done a major music festival - went to Greenbelt back in the 70s, but fancy some serious glamping! :rofl::tent:️:champagne:

Declared interest here, together with shameless promotion, but son’s band FUR in the last 12 months have performed at The Great Escape (Brighton), Truck (Abingdon) for the third year in a row, Tramlines (Sheffield), Bestival (Lulworth) and Victorious (Southsea). Latest single can be viewed / heard here.
For those in the Brighton area (@Inbar I’m looking at you! :wink:) they’re at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar tomorrow (Tuesday).

End of commercial break!


Ahh! Hope their gig goes well! :grin::grin: sounds like they are on a crest of a wave at the moment! May it continue… One of my colleagues is a big fan :wink:


Proms twice this year, the second one this evening to see Baltimore play Shostakovich and Bernstein. Alsop took a selfie after the encore and shared it on twitter. I can just about make myself out to her right. :slight_smile:


Haven’t made it to a Prom this year :frowning: - will be listening on Thursday though - Verdi’s Requiem, my all-time favourite piece of music of any genre.

Sang it at the Albert Hall as part of a massed choir in April 1978 before going to the First Night of the Proms that same year (four of us got told off by fellow Promenaders for singing along!).


Well I never! I used to live in Shetland back in the late seventies early eighties. I worked at Sumburgh airport and lived at a small place called Maywick, just up the road from Bigton (South West of the Mainland).

I loved it there but it did tend to start feeling a bit claustrophobic!


And cold! VERY cold and windy in the winter :wink:


I definitely missed trees as well!


Was the club called ‘Mothers’? In which case you may have had a starring audience role on the live half of Ummagumma as it was recorded there. Oh the useless facts I carry around in my head…


Yes Old… I am on that album, in a support role - background vocals? - of course.


Saul is amazing. We saw the dress rehearsal when it was staged a year or so ago. The curtain went up and you could hear the gasps from the audience. And it just got better and better from then on. For us, anyway. Danielle di Niese was wonderful in L’incoronazione di Poppea a few years back.


Sang in the Proms on a number of occasions including 6 last nights. Brilliant Festival atmosphere…but the last night is a bit of an idiot fest.
Better at some of the highlights earlier in the season
This year did some volunteering for 3 Choirs Festival, and got to some quite remarkable concerts in Hereford. One - Messiaen chamber music was quite intellectually challenging. I suppose variety is what a good Festival is about - whatever musical genre - not just humming/dancing along to the familiar and popular.


My wife’s uncle has seen over 1000 (yes, one thousand) performances of Verdi’s Requiem. I think he likes it too :wink:


@NickP WOW!! That’s a LOT!


I was at the Green Man Festival in the Brecon Beacons a few weeks back and I have to say it was fab.

Such a lovely, fun atmosphere. Great for kids – we were seven adults and seven kids (of all ages) and it was great to watch the little uns having the times of their lives running around and turning more and more feral as the week went on. There’s a safe, secure vibe so we just let them do their thing. There are lots of creative workshops so they can learn circus skills, trapesing (no really! They did actual trapesing!), wood carving, cooking, make their own jewellery etc.

This gave me plenty of time to explore the excellent beer and cider festival that was in full swing.

It’s a great festival for those who don’t really like festivals. The toilets are clean and numerous, the food is fab, there are hot showers (even hot tubs) and masseurs aplenty in the healing field. I wasn’t expecting much from the music but that was a real bonus. Stand outs for me were John Grant, King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard, Jade Bird, Ider & Phoebe Bridgers. Good to see The Guardian gave it five stars. Well deserved.

I’ll certainly be going back.

  1. Did he hear them?
  2. Have you checked his funeral wishes?

(I once sang parts of it at a funeral. With a large orchestra and chorus in a town parish church. Not much room for mourners!)


I NEED to go next year :}


Festivals - hot tub or mud therapy? That is the question!