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Best Kept Secret v Loud and Proud


@ScuppersAwash You make it sound like there are legions of potential members with their noses pushed up again the WS shop window begging to get in. If that was the case surely there would be no need for these new ‘trendied-up’ changes to attract new customers.


…….Moreover, I was given to understand that Society tasting events in Stevenage were full of old men wearing ties, tweed jackets with a coloured hanky in the top pocket.

Whenever there’s an event today, there’s usually a picture of the gathering in the next Society’s newsletter. Nobody wears a tie. Not the staff, not the growers and certainly not the members. The Society is much less stuffy than I imagined.

I’m not against tweed jackets as I wear them most weekends. Except that I wear a cravat. So I am now the stuffy one.


Drifting slightly off topic, but I find social media posts like “Happy Friday! We don’t want to wish your weekend away, but we’ve got something very exciting to announce on Monday…” really silly.

It’s not a cliffhanger for a TV show, you’re appealing to adults here… None of the other food / wine social media accounts I follow do things like that. If you’ve got an announcement make it.


Sorry you weren’t a fan (I’m our social media manager so that one’s on me) but in our defence it’s coming from a very authentic place. We’ve been working hard on a really exciting (we certainly think so!) new project that we hope our members will love and we wanted to share our excitement before we go live on Monday. I completely appreciate we can’t please everyone all the time, though, but I hope you’ll enjoy the announcement on Monday. :smiley:


Agree. I hate getting emails etc like this. I’ll see it when it’s there, and for me this is a negative. Don’t bother…


Looking forward to it :smiley:…A bobal???


I couldn’t possibly say… :eyes::eyes::eyes:


I think it is already visible to order on the website.

Not much info - but if you want to get in early…


I realise that this ‘announcement’ has been thoroughly leaked but not officially released yet but what exactly is so wonderful about Bobal? I’ll await the big announcement with increased anticipation!


Oh! I get it! It’s the next big thing right???


You are totally at liberty to ignore anything you perceive of as a hype. It might still appeal to others. We are a rather diverse membetship, I reckon.


Bit of fun I guess but agree with @AnaGramWords re bobal, bit of a workhorse grape. The bodegas Ponce version is very good, particularly the pie franco


I love Bobal and personally do think it’s under represented (most of my friends who like wine would not have heard of it but would enjoy it). Not a fan of the Solo Bobal usually carried by the society but Mil Historias was a stunner. Definitely picking a bottle of this up to try.

I’m still not a fan of the verging on clickbait style marketing posts though.


100% agree. My mailbox is full enough with things I have to deal with, and it ends up being counterproductive with me as I just delete them all without reading them…


Really glad you’re hoping to try a bottle and that the Instagram post didn’t stop you, because if you like bobal I really think you’ll love this! :smiley:

I can’t agree that we are clickbaiting. We haven’t asked anyone to click anywhere for starters (the very definition of clickbait!) and clickbait has never been nor will be our style, on social media or via email, I can assure you of that! But I do appreciate that these “head’s up” style posts aren’t for everyone.


Already in my basket :wink:


Bobal was the focus of a very interesting tasting article recently on jancisrobinson.com

That site’s resident Spanish expert, Ferran Centelles, is I think notable for his earnest enthusiasm and attention to detail and has alerted me to quite a few hidden (and hence good value) treasures available from TWS.

He comments that although perennially dismissed Bobal has many remarkable examples. The overall impression is of richness, fullness, wildness, and above all else authenticity (what a Frenchman would call terroir?).

I’ve been on the lookout for TWS to offer some of these very interesting wines; you are welcome to let it just pass you by.


Ooops Jamie’s let the cat out of the bag :rofl::rofl:


But ‘teaser’ is?


I’ve added it to my basket, love trying something different. Had Bobal before and loved it but I don’t see for sale in the UK often…can’t wait.