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Best Gin & Tonics in UK


I always used to think of the Gin & Tonic as quintessentially British, but as I travelled a lot to Spain I realised that they literally worship the “heeny toneek” and have made an art form of these simple drinks

I was wondering if anyone had come across somewhere in, or around, London that took the same care over this classic?

Here, for a bit of fun, is a Spanish video - where star bartenders were asked to make a Spanish Gin & Tonic … I particularly enjoy the addition of sherry!!


I’ve been to The Ginstitute on Portobello Road


They have moved now, to a new building (The Distillery) - when I went they were in 171 Portobello Road “The Portobello Star”

They certainly mixed a mean G&T using their own house gin.


The Canary Gin Bar in Bath is always worth a visit, and they also distill there own with classes available a couple of times a week. The Raven next door does a good pie if you need some solids.

I’ve tried a good number of Gins, but still come back to Tanqueray (London Dry Export strength) & Schweppes Tonic, or a use a mix of Tonic & Bitter Lemon for a subtle variation. Anywhere the bartenders are called mixologists arouses my sceptical side.


I think the wonder of, and part of the success of G&T is that if you choose a good Gin, a good tonic and put it in a decent glass it’s quite hard to get things horribly wrong. That said there are some fairly poor examples of all of those things on the market - so you can get a bad drink!

I live near Bray in Berkshire (home of the Fat Duck) - Heston Blumenthal’s 2nd in the village, the Hinds Head has a lovely bar and a great gin selection - and it was there I was first offered a “Spanish-Style” G&T - in a goblet style glass - tempered, as you say with sherry. Delicious!


The joy of a Spanish pour is its ubiquity, you don’t have to be in a special location or designer bar.


I’ve been a fan of the London Gin Club at the Star for years. They’ve been serving G&Ts on balloon glasses and matching the garnish with the gin well ahead of that sort of thing becoming fashionable in the UK.