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Best cheap case filler for going into reserves

Agree on the whiskey comment but difficult to see me using that strategy consistently. I struggle to get through 4 bottles of whiskey a year so could maybe use it once but couldn’t be used to fill say 12-18 slots a year.

As @leah points out the Raats wont last the distance I fear.

Thanks though

It’s an interesting challenge - I think it’s quite rare to find things within your budget range that will be everyday drinkers when retrieved in 10 years time.

The Tahblik Marsanne is a great shout from @MarkC but unfortunately it rarely sticks around very long in stock. Definitely worth pouncing when available. Thinking about reds, this is towards the top end of your fillers budget but will easily last the distance…

This might also be worth a look…

I’ve actually considered this one myself but with a view to withdrawing a little sooner than your timeframe.

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Feel free to use liberties on the budget. It was just to try and set some framework.

As I say it’s a situation of if you re trying to combine say one or two Penfolds Grange (GBp 340), Ridge Monte Bello (130) etc… then there’s some wriggle room in the budget to make it work.

On the Boucasse, I actually have that in through EP, and the issues I see are a) I’m not sure I could do 20-40 bottles per annum of Madiran and b) it’s only sporadically available through TWS.

Thanks for your thoughts and reply.

If this was an easy task… I wouldn’t be asking for help.

Absolute first world problem mind you!!!

Not quite a decade but not bad

If you take it up to £30 max per bottle the choice opens up enormously. Bottles I’d consider between £20 and £30 below. Apart from the Soave, which you might like to taste through the ten years, they will all sit happily for ten years and you could start drinking them from now +10 and not miss out enormously.


Grosset is a great shout!

I know people say La Rocca goes for years, but for me they shine 5+, but start to decline from 10. Had a lovely 2011 few years back, but a 2009 earlier this year was tired (although could just have been that bottle). It’s also rocketed in price, you could get La Rocca for the same price as the Calvarino is now a few years bk!
(fully accepting I’m just grumpy about this).


Ref. the Tahbilk marsanne…


A bottle of the '15 was drinking wonderfully earlier in the week, but only just hitting it’s stride.

Been following this for a while and it’s given me much pleasure.

I have a bottle of '93 in the cave, picked up as a special from The Sampler about 5yrs ago. Its so deep gold/orange my hopes are not high, but you never know…
(I’ll just have to have an 02 on standby!)

A challenge for food matching - any suggestions!?


Needs a long time to come round I think

Shame TWS hardly ever have it in stock :see_no_evil:.

How much do you like old Rioja?

While the TWS drinking windows don’t given them as long there’s plenty of cheap rioja that’ll just keep on going. Cubillo at £15 a bottle I’m considering slinging into reserves for a decade in its own right, but also things like the Muga Reserva have a couple of decades in them at a similar price point.

Lots of good ideas above. Lots of inspiration for doing something similar !

Alongside the occasional bottle of port I’d suggest hearty wines from good years that should be very good if not great after a decade.

How about a Cahors like this one, 2018 should mature well.

or a Faugeres like

I think the Cotes due Rhone / Lirac selections above are a very good match.

These Chilean garnacha and Carmenere could be lovely:

and a little more for this lovely SA Cab Franc:

And plenty of choice in Bordeaux, I’d suggest these:


Just a thought on using Whisky as filler in reserve cases and I suppose it depends on whether a mixed case is a physical thing or virtual. Wine needs to be stored on its side, whereas Whisky needs to be stored upright as the high alcohol content attacks the cork. Could be an expensive mistake in ten years time?

I have done this in the past using wines like medium-end Portuguese reds and cheaper Nebbiolo, but there don’t seem to be many on the list in those categories at the moment. Based on a quick flick just now, I’d probably go for German Rieslings or Rioja, although there’s the odd Rhone as well, e.g. Delas Crozes.

I would also recommend Zinfandel for long ageing - we had some Once and Future from the 1990s at the Joel Peterson dinner and it was a lot tastier and more interesting than the recent vintages. I also think Ridge tastes better with about 10 years on it.


Depends how cheap of course, but I reckon these would be worthy:

I’m drinking the 2005 at the moment, and it has years and years left. I think the winemaking style has tended towards the drier end of the spectrum in recent years but could be wrong.

Greatly impressed by this at the weekend:

Haven’t had this vintage but I’ve always enjoyed this:

And then I would’ve tempted by a mini mixed case of the three 2018 Morgons by Burgaud, if you like that sort of thing


The more I think about using cheaper wines to fill a reserve case, the more I dislike the idea. The storage charges simply mean that you end up paying quite a lot of money for a cheaper wine.

Maybe the cellar plan approach is better value for money but just food for thought.


It’s something I have given up on, partly for that reason and partly because I don’t want to own any ‘filler’ wines. Accordingly if there’s something I want from TWS, that won’t be ready for over a year and I don’t want (more likely, can’t afford) a whole case then I tend to take delivery and subsequently send the mixed case off to L&W reserves. Have done this last week with various St-Cosme Gigondas and Fourriers.


I’ve sent a couple of cases of this to reserves for this reason in the past:

I recently had 3 bottles of the 2015, which is absolutely great now and certainly has a few years left yet. On recent evidence I suspect it will be better than some of the more pricey bottles that accompany it home.


I note the change of heart - but something like this which will certainly benefit from cellaring might be a good option:

TWS drinking window is to 2026 but I’d be amazed if it didn’t go further.