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Best champagne bottle stopper


I’m after the best champagne bottle stopper. Any ideas?

One of these has always worked for me (full-sized bottles anyway).

Champagne Bottle Stopper, 2 Pack Stainless Steel Sealed Sparkling Prosecco Cava Wine Bottle Sealer, Gifts Accessories for Champagne https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07YC8C4YY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_.clHEbPNM2X9A


I got a really nice one when I visited the Camel winery. Good firm hold, grips under the flange (o’er) and never popped out in the fridge overnight.

On reflection this is not much of a useful steer given that no-one is likely to be able to go and get one any time soon.

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sorry - what are these used for? Champagne bottle stopper…nope - no idea :wink:

in all honesty - I just use ones ive been given on various visits…their use is VERY infrequent


The best ones do indeed seem to be the ones they give away free (it’s champagne I’m talking about primarily). They have a silicone rubber conical insert, and a ring of plastic fingers to grip the bottle. Some just click on, others need a quarter turn. But they all seem to seal perfectly. They come off with a satisfying “whump” noise with a deft twist of the wrist.

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I find these ones are pretty good.


Can be a bit of a pain with oddly shaped bottles such as Ruinart (there was one fateful incident), but other than I can’t fault them.

I’ve got several. The one like James @Brocklehurstj recommends I use most

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I use the Vacuvin stopper, obviously not pumping the air out on fizz… Works well enough.

For me too.

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Me three!

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We’ve got a stainless steel John Lewis one that seems to work perfectly well.

Anything’s better than that crazy idea of a teaspoon!

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Are you going to recount your other fateful champagne related incident some time? :wink::joy:

Please tell me you still have that video?! :joy::joy:

Don’t worry, I definitely do

Not cheap, but works well and looks good

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Spill the beans!

There was an unfortunate sabrage incident. The bottle did not survive :rofl:


As long as all your fingers did, that’s the important thing!

Tws champagne stopper works brilliant. Also with cava etc. Half full bottle just as sparkly next day.