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Best cellar management app / software


Hi all
Just growing my collection as have just got a cellar
Previously used excel to track wines but combersome and not interactive
Looking for app / software to track cellar
Want ease of populating plus reassurance that developer won’t pull plug
Have used Vivino a bit but want a bit more detail and happy to pay
Any suggestions
Have found wine cellar database, vinocell and open cellar on the App Store


Lots here use cellartracker:

Works for me, but depends on what you need to do.


Cellartracker is so far ahead of anything I’ve seen, I see no reason to look elsewhere.
It’s also free, although most with large cellars will choose to make a donation. This also opens up some other reviews, or links to anything you subscribe to: Vinous, Burghund, Jancis etc


I don’t use CT myself, but I can attest to it being far and away the most popular choice.


Thanks all - very useful
I’ve just downloaded and will get to grips in the next few days and feedback


You might want to flick through the previous thread mentioned above, and definitely spend a bit of time getting to know CT a bit before you start. The desktop version of the website might be a little easier to start with. Once you start entering your collection in a certain way you’ll need to stick with it or update all the bottles again, and consistency is the key to keeping track.


One of the best things about CT is the ‘others notes on my wines’ section which is great to see who is drinking what and whether they are finding them to be ‘in the window’. It is strange to see how early some wines get drunk particularly in the US who seem to down large quantities of Ridge zin immediately on release


The desktop version, or the online version on an iPad, is much more user friendly for me.
Also, like very many, I still hugely prefer the Cellartracker ‘Classic version’ to the ‘New Cellartracker’.


I use Cellartracker, it has a very very useful ‘drinkability’ report which lists wines in order of which to drink next based on number of bottles you have left vs drink window for the wine.


thanks again
Just started using cellar tracker last night
V good app and desktop version have uploaded half the cellar so far so will test out the photo recognition tonight.
Grateful for this forum to save me taking a punt on a non starter. Thanks again