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Best bodego in Jerez



I am visiting Jerez soon and would like a recommendation for the best bodega to get a tour round?


Hi Patrick, can’t say I’m an expert, but did do a private tour of several a while back (I’m talking 8 years now) and a couple stood out.

Lustau is a big operation, but they were lovely and very informative. Very much a group thing. They were also exceptionally generous with the their pouring!

I personally think Tradition have some of the best sherry going. It’s very boutique and the polar opposite of Lustau. They also have their own private gallery containing some seriously impressIve high-end art.

It was a great day, if somewhat hazy by the end…


Bodegas tradicion absolutely. Great art gallery in there too. Booking essential?


Diaz Merito is more intimate than most, although the sherries are not that interesting.

Gonzalez Byass is very touristy but there is a lot of history there.

Tradicion is in a very atmospheric building and the sherries are superb.

I would not recommend Sandeman, touristy and very ordinary sherry.


My recommendation would be to do a smaller, boutique style one and one of the bigger houses.

Tradicion is excellent, as is Fernando de Castilla.

If you like PX, a short drive outside of the town towards Sanlucar is Ximenez Spinola - who make exceptional wines solely from PX - dry white, a medium style PX (~50g rs) as well as a full on dessert style PX (350g rs) and two really excellent brandies.


Thank you all for the recommendations. We ended up at the Tradicion bodega. It was a little more expensive than the others however it was open despite covid 19 panic. We had our own guide for the four of us and she was great at explaining the processes and the tasting was amazing. The art was an added extra.