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"Best" Beaujolais on TWS list

Need some Beaujolais for an upcoming tasting. Which TWS offering do the panel suggest to impress the villagers? Up to about £20.

Edit to clarify - what’s your favourite?



I generally like to leave it for a few years and haven’t tried the 2020, but I think this is consistently excellent: Moulin-à-Vent Clos des Pérelles, Château de Beauregard 2020


BTW, as I’ll be needing the equivalent of 2 bottles, this one is eligible: Magnum of Domaine Jean-Marc Burgaud, Morgon Côte du Py 2019 and I’m quite fond of Cote du Py.


I’m not sure there is such a thing as ‘best’ because tastes differ, and as a ‘food wine’ par- excellence, it depends what one is serving it with.

Having said that - Id suggest these two: The white is really lovely with distinct notes of honey - an absolute charmer. The Cuvée des Ambassades I admid I have not tried this vintage, however previous years have been really first class and very ‘classic’ Beaujolais, not too serious or over extracted.

Domaine des Côteaux de Font Curé, Beaujolais-Villages Blanc 2021

Côte de Brouilly Cuvée des Ambassades 2021


Agreed on your provisos. In this case it’s a tasting followed by a ploughman’s. And it’s a red I’m after.

I’m conducting a little warm-up challenge this evening (although hopefully the wines will last another day or two, and one was started on Sunday)…

Battle of the Bojo’s Kicking the week off with some hard work trying to decide what to show at the village wine tasting. We have Waitrose, TWS and Swig represented here. Quite a range of prices - from £13ish for the 2020 Brun (TWS), £15 for the 2020 Piron (Waitrose) and £30 or so for the 2018 Guy Breton (Swig).
My initial thoughts, based on a quick sniff and slurp (and subject to future revision) are:
Piron - OK, but nothing special
Brun - Wonderful vibrant aroma and so delicious
Breton - More thoughtful and complex, needs a bit of effort to get the most from it
In terms of value (again, a bit of a shoot from the hip judgment), Brun wins hands down. It remains to be seen if the classy Breton can justify being over twice the price.


The 2020 Brun is on the list now at £11.95: Beaujolais L'Ancien Les Terres Dorées, Jean-Paul Brun 2020

I’ve been wondering how well it stacks up against the Cru Beaujolais, sounds like it does so pretty well!


Actually this is the 2020 (my mistake). And it’s bloody amazing for the money!

Just reading the comments and I’m baffled. How anyone could not fall in love with this is beyond me… Yes, it’s not as serious, but to my mind Bojo is mostly about verve - perhaps why I’m not so taken by the Jadot supercuvées.


OMG, one of the naysayers was me in July of this year!
All I can say is what a difference 3 months makes…


Thanks for this thread. Particularly interested in the Guy Breton as I have a couple of the 2019 (same cuvee, though picked up in France for c€15) and was thinking to leave them alone for a bit.

For my money, previous vintages of both this:


And this


Have both been very, very tasty


I have a bottle of the 2019 of the same wine/producer. I had imagined it needed a bit more age, certainly to next summer or beyond. Is your 2020 ready, even out of Magnum? Do you happen to know if that is an earlier maturing year?

I wonder whether good Beaulolais is getting a bit like how I perceive Burgundy, timing is everything, drinking windows are quite narrow…


I really like the Breton, but I paid a tenner less last time I had it, at which point it stood up well to its price. I’m not sure it would at £30. It will age longer than the other two, but again, you can get other very age worthy beaujolais for £15-20.


Some excellent points there. I’m flabbergasted that I could have said what I did about that 2020 back in July. Tasting now, it’s not a complex wine - one could easily just say “well, it tastes of tinned strawberries” (which it does to an extent), but maybe there’s something about the acid balance that makes these things suddenly snap into focus. Maybe that means that such wines have a shorter shelf life? Or perhaps they just morph into something else.
I remember a few years ago, discovering a dusty old bottle of Tesco Beaujolais Nouveau that was perhaps 10 years post release. On tasting, I decided that it was probably just as delicious now as it was back then (OK, not particularly delicious, but more than tolerable).

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Just tasting the Breton again and it’s gaining complexity and charm. I think this is a really good wine, but I will likely go with the Brun for this tasting - it’ll be the first red and I think provides some difference to the more serious wines that follow. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s voted red of the night…


Ploughmans - perfect with a Beaujolais, and the pickle just might be a challenge (which is good). I’d still suggest the white, however ‘the customer is always right’ - in which case go for the Cuvée des Ambassades 2021.

((but try the white at home - it is very good))

How very fine a ploughman’s can be when done well … it’s not difficult to choose great cheese, interesting pickle, FRESH salad and a dressing that combines the flavours.

Yet also very dire: rubber cheese, rubbish cheap pickle, tired wilted salad, zero dressing. Minus points if the butter is wrapped in foil.

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Mature Beaujolais is something I’ve only recently discovered, through a 2013 Chenas in a very fancy restaurant. Dodgy year but a very good producer and the sommelier assured me it was excellent. It certainly was, lasting through a 3 hour 6 course tasting dinner and I felt it evolved and improved over the course of the night.

I had assumed Burgaud’s Morgon Cote de Puy might go the same way. Problem is, I lack patience…


I think I still have small amounts of Foillard’s Cote de Py 2012, and that has been a joy.


“Best” is an interesting idea…I like the theme of a Beaujolais tasting and might pinch it around the third Thursday next month, but I would be tempted to try contrasting Crus perhaps rather than trying to find a “best” wine. TWS has a Moulin a Vent and a Fleurie priced around £20 a bottle that should contrast nicely? As to which is “best” that probably comes down to opinion.

Indeed. Slightly sloppy language. I was meaning “best” for this tasting, although anything “good” or better would likely suffice! :wink: