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Best Bargains, Favourite wines and AOB

Hi all,

I’m a new member to the WS so apologies if this has been brought up before. I’m a little overwhelmed with the vast amount of choice there is and want to be bold with my choices and not drinking what I always drink and trying new things.

What are your thoughts???



Welcome @Almitch1 !!!

This is EXACTLY what we are here to help with … be prepared to get a lot of suggestions. Just to help, can you tell us what you usually drink (that you want to expand from) and what sort of budget per bottle you are thinking of? The more we learn about each other, the better we can help.

(and feel free to tell us more about yourself in general on the Introduce Yourself thread)

Great post

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply… I drink most wines if I’m honest i don’t really have a favourite grape, region or wine producer… I don’t really have a set budget really I guess from 8-20 per bottle…


Just a couple of favourites to start with, both these have their own topic (and serious following) here:

Kamocsay - Mori Ezerjo
Weinert - Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

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Thanks i have added them to my basket.

Hi Alan - I’ve just seen your post in the Introduction thread. Welcome to the Society! You’re going to taste a lot of great wine over the years to come…

Good suggestions to start with from Akos there. I’m slightly in love with the Weinert Cabernet. I gave a bottle to a friend for a birthday present yesterday and was sad to part with it.

A really good place to start would be here. You can find lists of the top 10 bestselling reds and whites at the moment. There are a couple in there by virtue of being new, so are trending with members at the moment, like the Sendiana Rouge. But there are a number which are trusted favourites - Navajas Rioja Crianza, Domaine Laborie, The Society’s White Burgundy etc - that are great value for money.

A couple of new world versions of Rhone grapes to finish:

One of the great things you can do is to take a look through the Society & Exhibition wine list - these are the wines selected by the Society from individual regions and represent great ‘benchmark’ examples at different price points.

It means that you can taste a wine and get to know what it should taste like, and if you like that, then you can choose to explore other producers in that region.

You could easily explore examples from these ranges with each order and expand your experience - then maybe ask for recommendations from your favourites.

We will be tasting an Exhibition Fleurie together tonight, so maybe you can follow along to learn more about it :slight_smile: