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Best App or subscription service for fine wine prices


Hi there, I’d like to try and keep myself up to date with my fine cellar wine market prices.
A subscription to liv-ex is quite expensive does anyone have any recommendations?

Many thanks !


Never used it, but https://www.wineowners.com looks like it might be interesting for this purpose?


I use Wine Owners and have found it pretty good.

You get a monthly e-mail with the market values and you can also log in at any time. It’s free.

It’s obviously geared for speculators (boo, hiss :wink:) they gave me a call shortly after I joined to see if they could ‘help’ me source any wine.

I had a decent chat with a nice guy about wine (not pushy at all). I reckon they must have worked out that I’m not some high roller and have left me alone since!

I also contacted them when I added a wine and no value came up, they fixed that with a couple of working days.

I find it a bit of a faf to add bottles on my phone, so I tend to use an actual computer to add my purchases. Also, there are no tasting notes on there so you have to go elsewhere for those.

Still, I recommend :+1:


I didn’t know it was free. Can you import your cear from eg cellartracker? I’m not interested in selling but it might be interesting from an insurance pov…


If you subscribe to CellarTracker (counted as any donation of $20 or more) then you get automatic up to date auction prices.


I think you can send them an excel spreadsheet and they will upload your cellar. I’m not sure about whether you can upload from CT though.

I don’t have any intention of selling either. I just like that smug feeling of pulling the cork from a bottle that would be out of my price range had I not bought it when I did, years earlier.


Huh? buy at a fair price, shove on winerack in garage, drink sometime later and enjoy. Buying wine for financial return reasons is contrare to TWS ethos - please tell me I’m wrong?


No, I think you are right (pending any TWS clarification!).

But there are legitimate reasons for knowing the value of your wine. Home insurance is an obvious one. Also, you may have inherited somebody’s estate and need to know its fair market value. Or simply your tastes may have changed and you want to rebalance your cellar. I’m sure there may be others.

(Not that knowing the value for the purposes of trading wine as an investment is illegitimate, but it’s not something I look on kindly either).


I’m sure we’re all down with this, and I also have no interest in selling any of my wine, but suspect there’s an awful lot of fine wine in folks cellars that wasn’t sourced from TWS. Everything I have held in bond is insured at replacement value, but still good to know what the magic number is. And definitely more important for what’s hidden away under the stairs at home! I did some mental arithmetic after reading this post yesterday and was quite surprised at what I appear to have accumulated without giving it a second thought…


I also buy wine from BI wines and they have a live trade section on their website that you can use for no charge. It’s not comprehensive but may be worth a look if the wines you are interested in are on there.


Same here. I don’t really have any trade-able high value wines. It’s all bought for near to medium term drinking, but I was amazed how much money I have put away in the cellar. It has definitely made me reconsider some further purchases…