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Beers - anything interesting?



Hi all,

I am starting to lose my love of wine so I am looking at other beverages out there that I might also find interesting.

I just wanted to ask if anyone is able to give me a few recommendations as to some different beers to try out as I know there are many many styles out there (thanks to the craft beer explosion). Thought I would venture into the world of beer and the different styles with a hope that once I find a beer style I enjoy I might then fall back in love with wine.

Thanks in advance!



Although I almost only drink wine. Every now and then a beer is lovely. I have spent a lot of time in Brussels recently and have discovered the Trappist beers made in the country. Some of them are lovely and worth trying. A caution, they are all quite strong in alcohol but they’re not beers for drinking quickly but rather ones to enjoy like you would a glass of wine.

Here is an example of one of them (a very strong one but often considered the best beer in the world by those in the know). I think there are 11 Trappist beer producers in the world:

I’ve had so far: Rochfort, Chimay, Wetmalle as well as some Abbey beers such as Grimbergen etc. Places like Waitrose are stocking some of these beers now. Not cheap, but quite nice.


Lucky you, just imagine all you can do with the money not spent on wine…

A good start would be the Society’s craft brewery case, this is the current one:

I am going through the previous one (Northern Monk) and it is very enjoyable. Some of those still available per can (not in mixed case). This one is my favourite and is now at a discount:


My sister in law bought me a bottle of Trappistes Rochefort for Christmas a few years ago. It’s an absolutely fantastic beer! She also bought me a bottle of this, which was very different, but similarly excellent:


Thanks for this, I had heard of Trappist beer before, I can see that the Trappist Rochefort 10 has an alcohol % of over 11% so I can see how it should be treated more as a wine vs a beer in that respect.


My wife bought me a British Beer Advent calendar this Christmas. Lots of interesting breweries I didn’t know and not too many in the American IPA style which I find boring after a while. No headbangers either.


Can anyone share with me (or point me in the direction of a site) for the main styles that are out there and the flavours expected - quite a confusing array of different styles out there!


If you are keen, then I can lend you my copy of “Miracle Brew” (as discussed here, with related suggestions). It isn’t a guide as such, but a great way to understand more about the product so when you do your research, it will make more sense.


This is pricey but pretty interesting.


Ah yes Delirium. I had a little 4 bottle set of that - very nice! (and has somewhat of a cult following in this country)


@Bargainbob Delirium is one of my favs from Belgium

@M1tch beer is pretty cheap… You could do a whole lot worse then just buying a selection from a decent place and working your way through. I’d personally recommend getting a few hoppy ones in there (IPA / APA) just because the flavours can be a good departure from wine and maybe reset your palate. In that vein, anything from Beaver Town is going to be solid. Their Gamma Ray is a good benchmark.



A great place for Belgian beers if you are ever in Scotland


If you want to be a bit adventurous I saw we have these at the moment which look pretty fun! :beers:

I’d second @szaki1974 in that the Craft Beer case is a good shout to try different styles and to be honest most big supermarkets now have good selections of single bottles so you can try a few different things without having to commit.


As if by magic (rock),


Hardly a deep dive, and quite US-centred, but maybe a good starting point for different styles and what flavours to expect.

Hope you find something useful in there. Enjoy exploring!


Thank for that, yeah some of the various beers are indeed much cheaper than wine, will look to get a selection, looking at the winefolly link from @tfpywfpy I am guessing I might look for an IPA or some of the amber/red ales or stouts.

I started down this road of looking at various beers when I was over in Cardiff for a week away, tried a few beers from the different places we went and tried the local Brain’s black stout, which was served cellar cool and (if you had your eyes closed) was basically like drinking iced coffee.

I will perhaps start another thread once I get a selection together of a few beers - will try and stay away from the mass produced brands as I am sure they will be a bit samey.


I’m not a massive beer drinker although I do partake in some good craft beers occasionally, and this one blew my socks off:

So complex and full-flavoured, so balanced and delicious. And more than just fruity. It’s one of the few beers I could drink all evening. :slight_smile:


Thanks for this Laura, I had a quick chat with Freddy and he mentioned that this was a really good example of a pale ale. Its a shame I didn’t manage to get the Heathen IPA when we had stock - there are apparently some more beers coming in the new list :slight_smile:


One brerwery to look out for if you’re in a craft beer shop is Verdant, their DIPAs (douple IPAs) are a really good example of the new fruity IPA style and are absolutely delish.
It’s a relatively new style that came to prominence on the east coast US, with the west generally doing the drier, resinous, pine needle style.

Another style to try is sour or lambic, they take a bit of getting used to (somewhat like fino sherry) but can get quite addictive. The top guys for this in the UK are probably Burning Sky, but the true masters are to be found in Belgium. You probably will have a very tough time finding Cantillon (the top dogs), but in a good beer shop the staff will be able to give you some good suggestions.


Do you live close to a Brewdog pub?
They are great for stocking different and unusual Ale. Some can have pretty high alcohol too so beware, they may blow your socks off. They run regular tastings and because craft beer is their thing they have an ever changing menu of new and weird ones to try. The staff are generally pretty knowledgeable too and can tell you the brewing background to any which you want to ry. Also unlike most venues who serve wine, they will alow you to “try” before you buy if you are unsure of what you would like to order. They also serve in flights too :wink:


I read that as ‘they also serve fights too’! :grin::fist_left:

I’ve always liked Brewdog beers, but I know their PR has been a bit… controversial, and that sometimes puts me off. And they’re so big now it makes me worry they’re losing some of what made them so great in the first place. Or am I being too judgemental?