Beer and cider range shrinking

The Society’s beer and cider range seems to be steadily shrinking. I am wondering if this is temporary and because of Covid, or if there is something else?

As much as I love my beer as well as my wine it never really had much appeal to me. I bought some of the collaboration beers but otherwise the beers on offer were fairly standard.
For the society it was a bit of a rock and a hard place situation. Without sounding like a craft beer hipster, the beers I would have bought and find interesting would have been a bit radical for people starting out and getting involved.


Agreed. I drink far more wine than beer but if I do it’s something craft (usually a sour).

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You think thats a problem? the range of TWS Whisky is now down to just 4 own brand. Recently TWS have discontinued the 16 y/o blend after over 100 years! But hey… you can buy a whisky jigsaw, so not all bad.

Aaaaah, sorry. They were all such a good price on bin end that I scooped them all up to flog on the secondary market.


Has there been an explanation for this? I think I know what it’s likely to be, but it would be good to have it confirmed.

Regarding beer, apart from the well rated Danish alcohol free one, I probably wouldn’t bother from TWS. I tend to buy the odd IPA or similar at 4% or under from supermarket when I want a beer at home. Which is of course the only beer we’re getting right now…

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Wasn’t one of the buyers asked this question recently? I seem to remember something about how hard it is to get aged barrels now to create your own blend and all/most of the distilleries are keeping them to do their own bottlings that make them more money.

Which is the answer I expect…didn’t know it had already been answered if that’s the case! I thought it would last a bit longer than this, but clearly not…

Well I may be totally wrong and just imagining that answer, as being the one I’d expect as well, but I can’t find it with a search!

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I think we are both right even if it hasn’t been officially communicated…not sure it was on here, maybe in another communication?

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It might be on this old thread?

Haven’t checked, though :slightly_smiling_face:

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