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Been spoilt by a trip to Bordeaux, now after good red recommendations

Thanks! I have tried a Douro and I really liked it, i’ll give that one a go next. I really liked the Amarone suggested earlier in this thread. It had a lovely deep fruitiness (maybe it would be classed as jammy, but I quite like this sort of sweetness) So if you havent tried that one maybe you would like it

Any other non WS suggestions for Douro ?

Tried this yet??

No, but on the strength of your recommendation I ordered one in a mixed case due to arrive next month.

I love really developed, aged wine, but I also love a bit of porty richness occasionally.

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Yes! tried that 2019 crasto and liked it :slight_smile:

@MikeFranklin - oops I made a (good) mistake - I had bought 2 Haut Medoc and it was this one → Château Charmail, Haut-Médoc 2012 - My Wines - My Account - My Account - Home - The Wine Society - chateau charmail. I got them mixed up as I forgot I ordered two similar wines!

Just had to try the 2009 Peyrabon (to rectify any mistakes, of course) and I agree, its way more in line with descriptions, way more open and has lovely undertones to the texture

That charmail is nowhere near as good in comparison


TWS do t seem to do their Crasto superior which is more expensive but a step up, so if you like this one definitely try the superior :wink:.


Crasto Superior features occasionally, but not for a while.

Incidentally, the ‘superior’ is a reference not to the quality of the wine, but its region of origin, the Upper Douro or Douro Superior. I do find it superior in quality, though. A very good buy in most vintages, if you can get it.

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2009 was a much better vintage than 2012, particularly if your taste is to the ‘bigger’ end of Bordeaux. Worth keeping an eye out for more 2009 I bet!

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Ah that is reassuring. I had the Charmail a couple of years back, a 2010, and wasn’t terribly impressed with it and my notes are much more in line with yours; “overbearing tannin” was one of my comments! Another good, but slightly more expensive, Haut-Medoc is Cantermerle, though I’ve only had the 2009 of that which may not be so typical.

I am now not so worried about my other two Peyrabons! :smiley:

Yes I can although other than the wholesaler I mention in Portugal, I’m not sure how easy they would be to get hold of in the UK. I’ve stopped directly importing because now you have the issue of getting hit with duty and VAT which has reduced the cost advantage. Of the very many I tried, the below were favourites.

Quinta do Portal
Quinta dos Aciprestes

Both were their ‘basic’ wines, I was buying for less than £10 delivered, though they would be more in the UK. They also do reserva and grande reserva wines. These I’m sure are even better but also pricier and the basic level was very pleasant.

Higher up the scale, you have the legendary estates like Quinta do Vale Meao and Quinta do Vesuvio. WS has the Vale Meao but it’s £75! I can’t afford that. Both do ‘second’ wines, respectively Meandro do Vale Meao and Pombal do Vesuvio and both are very good, around £12-15 when I bought them from Portugal. There is more chance you might find these in the UK (maybe slightly more expensive than I quote).

You can also get 100% pure Touriga Nacional, the main port grape. Quinta do Vallado do a good one but it does need a bit of time, I had their 2017 last Xmas and it wasn’t ready.

A word on vintages. My couple of years of exploring Portugal’s wines co-incided happily with the availability of 3 excellent vintages, 2015, 2016 and 2017. If you can, get wines from these vintages. The 2018 is above average but not as good as the above.


Vale Meao also do the WS Exhibition Douro, which is not unlike the Meandro. The 2013 recently (and briefly) appeared on the list.

Very interesting. I searched the WS site. The wine has clearly long gone, but the article that accompanied its release is still there, and very interesting too. I forgot they used to provide some of the components of Barca Velha. 2013 wasn’t that great a year but at the intro price of £11.95, I would have piled into that, even if it wasn’t quite up to Meandro’s level.

I’m a bit biased given my exploration of Portugal, but I think the WS is quite light on £10 plus reds. Lots under a tenner but there is so much good stuff in the £10-25 bracket. They seem to have way more Greek reds in that price bracket, which seems odd given Portugal’s quality.

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Yes , I am aware of that .

Fells import this, so should be available in an Indy wine store .

This is a fun thread. Loving the enthusiasm.

Noticed this the today. You may already have spotted it but might be a good way of trying a few Bordeaux with entirely emptying the bank account.


I had missed that, so thanks for highlighting. I’m very interested in attending this though only if I can get one of the ‘limited’ tasting packs as I can’t be opening 6 bottles of wine at once! Really, I can’t!

I’m particularly interested as the line up includes two wines that others seem to love but I found disappointing. So I’m hoping the ‘semi-blind’ tasting will allow me to either dispel any unfair bias I may have towards them or confirm that they’re not for me!

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One of my favourite producers. I have visited the winery twice and it is a lovely experience.
I got their wines here from getting in touch with the distributor.

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Another great second wine is Post Scriptum. I got a case of 6 last year for £75 ib.

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That’s good feedback because no-one I know seems to have heard of it! Was beginning to wonder if I was its only fan.

I have heard very good things about Post Scriptum though I think it is very much in a different price bracket. I was getting Portal (the basic level) for around £9.50 delivered. The PS is more on a par with Meandro, though no doubt every bit as good. That looks to be a very competitive price for it, just over £12 a bottle ex tax. I assume it is long gone…?

That’s right, both are second wines.
I had most wines from Quinta do Portal portfolio and I can say I was never disappointed.