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Been spoilt by a trip to Bordeaux, now after good red recommendations

Opened the tenuta norare amarone - my first of this type of wine

Really liked it - totally ticked a box I’ve been looking for in a fruity wine

I liked it out the gate, fruity with a bit of spice but not overly acidic or light

I really like this kind of deep richness in reds, thanks for the recommendation!


Has anyone tried this recently? It’s probably barely out of the starting blocks, but I’m wondering whether to have a cheeky go of bottle 1 of 12 anyway…


Tried this recently after recommendation by @MikeFranklin to see if I wanted to put some in reserves. Wary of age double decanted and left it for 3.5hrs. wonderful black fruit smell whilst decanting. A full week later after vacuvin and in fridge the fruit was still lightly present. Have been dithering about how many to buy only to find the '15s in halves appear today which were duly dispatched to reserves. Now debating whether to just buy more 15’s and some 16’s and not participate in lower end of EP.

Edit: not sure how to make link show details and image as above.

Edit: now with correct wine at top.


Fixed that for you. For some reason the URL was in brackets (not sure what it means either…!) :blush:

That is kind of you. Thank you.

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To be honest, Paul, although I have some cellared, I haven’t tried one yet. However, I usually find that they are fine for both early and late drinking, so I would just go for it. I think that this is one of the best value producers in Bordeaux and I am not the only one.

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I think you’re right, I’ll pop a cork later this year. I had a single bottle of the 2010 a few years ago, and while it was already excellent, it also felt like it could just go on and on.


Let us know how you get on. I think that Cellar Tracker had a couple of reviews that didn’t match my usual experience with this producer but it could just be due to personal taste. £16 for a producer of this quality, in a great vintage, is not to be sniffed at.

Edit: Just checked and I think that suggestions are that it is at the beginning of its drinking window and the best is yet to come.

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Ooo I’d noticed the 2015 appearing but I hadn’t noticed they were halves. I have some bottles but a few halves wouldn’t go amiss! Thanks for highlighting!

Have you tried the '15 previously by any chance, if so may I ask how they compare please?

I haven’t I’m afraid. I still have two 2010s left which are right in the middle of their windows and one, at least, of them will be next. I generally prefer my wine quite mature and so I would aim to start on the '15s when they hit mid window around '24 or '25.

I recall you mentioning that now. I rather liked the '16 as a tester so suspect I will buy some more of the '15 halves to help make up a couple of mixed case of cheaper Bordeaux that has been highlighted on this and other threads recently that can then go into reserves for future consumption. Should be an enjoyable exercise deciding what to include.


First review has just appeared on the Society’s site.

Château Puygueraud, Bordeaux Côtes de Francs 2016

"Lovely dark fruit notes. Blackberries, plums. Mild tobacco on the palette and spices. A really enjoyable wine still relatively young and a little high on tannins but will mellow with age. Would recommend. "

Mr Graham Burge ( 10-Jul-2021 )

Very favourable but still young.


Hey Mike - I just had the Château Peyrabon, Haut-Médoc 2009

Is this reaaaaally a good example of a mature Bdx? I was pretty unimpressed

Its hard for me because I cant quite describe what i didnt like about the richness (if this was tea I could!) but the tannins(? Acid?) were way too forward and overtook the taste. It was very blunt with not much depth

OR its just I have tasted so many Bordeaux - (Fiancés family always buys Bdx and me a lot too) that its just not quite cutting it?

Anyone else have any opinions on this one that hopefully I can gleam some knowledge from? - its not that its bad, just seems really samey to others I have had…

Well at £22 it’s never going to be a Lafite, but your experience doesn’t really match mine. I’m not usually a great lover of either Medoc or Haut Medoc tending to find them almost exactly as you describe with tannins too forward, almost harsh (strangely this is a criticism often levelled at St Estephe but I’ve never found them so!) and yet I didn’t find that at all with this one. However, I’ve only had the one bottle and that was, for me, very smooth. Now I’m worried about the other two! Bottle variation?

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My experience was similar to yours, Mike. We both loved this wine. My notes were:

"Double decanted (a fair amount of sediment there), this is stunning for the price! We don’t drink much Bordeaux, so it’s nice to hit on one that brings so much pleasure.

Deep, opaque violet in the glass - it’s definitely browning at the rim, as one would expect. The nose is heady - sweet pipe tobacco, sandalwood, cassis, stewed plums cinnamon and cedar.

On the palate it surprises with a degree of freshness; the fruit is ripe alright, but isn’t cooked or tired. There’s bramble, plums and plenty of cedar. There’s also liquorice spiciness, cloves and even something a little blood-like. Acidity is medium as are tannins, which are quite leathery in texture, and it seems to finish on a lovely minty crescendo"

I guess there could be bottle variation, or It’s possible that as we don’t drink much Bordeaux - this just hit the right spot for what we were expecting, without having a huge frame of reference. Or - as is more often the case - different tastes/palates/preferences.


Aha - leathery tannins. Yes that’s what I got a lot of! I did decant but not twice and that along with the acidic flavour kinda overpowered it - tasted more than medium in those imo - maybe my bottle wasn’t as good

I tend to like fruitier things anyway so it might just not be my kind of profile

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Ah! I tend to have a preference for mature, tertiary flavours. Not to exclusion, but definitely a preference! :wink:

I still think that part was too forward, masked other things :smiley:

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Not sure if others have suggested this, but if you like port (as I do), you might try the Douro reds, they generally use the same grapes as port. I spend a couple of years going through various estates and there is some superb stuff. The WS is very light in this area (I used to buy direct from a wholesaler, Portugal Vineyards, based in Porto) but I have tried the one below, it was pretty good and though under your budget, you can spend the excess on something else.