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Been spoilt by a trip to Bordeaux, now after good red recommendations

Thanks everyone!

I’ve added some of these to my order and just placed it so I’ll have something to explore this weekend

I tried to grab a variety of terroirs so hopefully this will enhance my taste knowledge

I’ll report back with my thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:


You mentioned Bordeaux but not many people have recommended any from there (though I’d definitely second some of the Italian recommendations). Here are some of my favourites Bdx in that price range (which is around the same as most of my buying) and that are currently in stock in TWS:

Good solid Saint Emilion:

Another excellent and age worthy Saint Emilion for its price (one of my favourite regulars; I have serveral vintages laid down):

This one is a rare opportunity for a good fully mature Bdx that’s in a great place now, for a very good price for its age:

@Taffy-on-Tour will tell you how nice this one is:

This is another fully mature Bdx at a reasonable price that’s in a very good place right now:

At the top end of your range this is a fantastic second wine from Brane Cantenac. It’s price has gone up quite a bit recently but it is a great Margaux:

These are all wines that I’ve had recently although, apart from Peyrabon and Le Garriq, of older vintages and I’d recommend keeping them for a little longer. But those two are absolutely singing now, and the others will probably not be available when they are fully mature.


I did buy 36 bottles of:

And 12 bottles of:

But given the 2016 Bordeaux vintage might take a little longer to come around for this lauded vintage, settled for the one ( :sob:) case of this one:

I researched (until I was red in the face :rofl:) but the Grand Vin from Brane seemed to be capable of giving me the biggest bang for my buck. Vinous 96/100 Neal Martin, Parker 96 -98/100, Jeb 95/100. Purchase price £315 EP
It is interesting that the 2016 Brane Cantenac is available TODAY at the SAME or LOWER price :sob:, than when I bought it EP in 2017. :open_mouth:
There are few Bordeaux Chateaux where EP purchase is imperative, when one sees examples like mine. Bordeaux vineyards are huge, as is their output; and no matter the annual hype Vintage of the Decade, Century ad nauseam, next year or the one after will be so much better, and produce more wonderful bottles!! :dragon:


Lots of lovely suggestions above, one more to add, maybe for the next order is this. Mine so far have been delicious


Uh oh, seems like my first mistake was trying decent wine in France, and my second mistake was finding the wine society forums :joy:


I hope you have deep pockets… :rofl:


Most of us say that on at least a bi-weekly basis. Welcome aboard!


I had a previous vintage of this. I thought it was absolutely fantastic for the money , especially as it has a bit of bottle age which makes such a difference for wines from Bordeaux. This should meet the brief.


I have another problem with top-tier Chinese tea… So yeah I’m used to spending more than people think is sane (for my wage) on drinks. My partner is worried :sweat_smile:



and thanks everyone I might have missed with a mention, i’ve wishlisted all of these to peruse and will check out at some point, and join you all in the 'what are you drinking now; threads - would be nice to nail down the proper vocab to discuss what i’m tasting


I had this of this very recently. It needed some patience, but amply rewarded two hours of airtime.

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Buy anything that Gerard Bertrand puts his name too in the Languedoc (and that is a lot of the Languedoc).

Usually, though not exclusively, Syrah/Grenache blends, and usually high alcohol, big wines with a faint hint of sweetness to them.

You’d be as well to try stuff from the Roussillon as well - generally quite big wines, even outside the VDN.


I can vouch for Gerard Bertrand too. Some people are a bit sniffy about his wine empire, probably because it is so wide ranging but in my opinion, the quality is generally very good and the prices reasonable for what you get.

I am more of a Bordeaux Left Bank man but this wine, currently stocked by the Society and from a superb vintage is wonderful value and absolutely delicious. The winemaker also works with some of the biggest names in Bordeaux, so has a fine pedigree.

By the way, congratulations on finding a “lovely French lady” to be your future wife. You have clearly chosen very well, although I may be a little biased, given that my mother is French and a lovely lady too. Good luck with your marriage and your future wine journey.


thankyou very much, and thanks for the recommendation - wishlisted

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You might already be at the ‘please don’t recommend any more wine’ stage, but here’s some TWS northern Rhone recommendations. These will be more acidic and less rich/sweet than some of the other wines recommended here, but may tick the ‘smoky’ box, especially with a few years’ bottle age:

And if this ever crops up on the list, give it a try:

Don’t think the wishlist is the solution to your wine-wants by the way - once it gets past about 30 wines it’s just another source of stress as you worry about how you’re going to get through them all and whether you need to put in another order to clear a few :rofl:



Hehe! You know I actually give a sigh of relief now whenever I notice one of my wishlist wines has gone out of stock :rofl:


I bought one of the Domain de Thalabert 2014 to try this weekend.

I’m a bit unsure of how long to decant for, or even if this one has a set rule reading the reviews but I like a good journey with my drinks (part of the reason I like good tea where you get many multiple infusions and a taste journey)


There is an interesting review of this wine that approaches decanting times (albeit a couple of years old).

I think it would appreciate a few hours, but definitely interesting to taste through the journey. I also think it depends how gentle / vigorous the original pour is - how much air you add to the mix originally seems to make a difference.

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Yeah i caught it was a couple of years & said revisit in a couple - here we are

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I also tend to like things often people cant palate so fingers crossed

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