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Been spoilt by a trip to Bordeaux, now after good red recommendations

So, after getting engaged to a lovely French lady I’ve gone and done a silly thing - tasted some incredible and expensive red wine. This has now put me in the position of trying to find some good reds that don’t cost the earth

I usually spend about £100 and either get a case of 6 or go for 3-4 and I’m usually a port drinker. I really like deep stonefruits and looking for complexity and adore a long finish

Rather new to red wine and not really sure what to go for this weekend - I’ve had some good Syrah & Grenache

I’d ideally like to find something with a complex smoky explosion and lengthy finish, and also something deep and sweeter but unsure of what grapes and regions I should look for. Any advice?

Or even just some good recommendations for £15-30

Thanks everyone!


Have you ever tried an Amarone? Would certainly tick the deeper and sweeter box, with long length. TWS have one on the list currently at £24.50…

If you like that style then valpolicella ripasso’s can give a hint of Amarone richness without the price tag…

Obviously, both are Italian rather than french, so I hope that doesn’t Lead to any domestic challenges!


You might want to investigate Northern Rhone and the Languedoc. Jean Louis Chave st Joseph is excellent. Yves Cuilleron Cote Rotie is another possibility. Frank Balthazar makes outstanding cotes du Rhone.
In the Languedoc, domaine de Montcalmes is very good. Terre Inconnue, Peira, and Anne Gros’ wines from Minervois are worth a try.
On a slightly different style and region Charles Joguet makes magnificent Chinon.


Anywhere is fine, thanks i’ll try the Tenuta Novare and see how it goes down!

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£250 a bottle it would hope to be! Well out of my price range (£15-30)

I tried to search for the others and found it hard. The societies website has articles on the estates but doesnt have links to the actual wines they produce, and I couldnt find any of those

I am talking about wine society wines, maybe I should have made that clear. The guaranteed delivery dates is a must for me to know if they are coming on certain dates or not

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My immediate thoughts were mid-priced Australian shiraz-cabernets from S Australia region (Langhorne Creek, Barossa, Eden, Coonawarra, McClaren Vale) . Once you get into the £15-25 range (Yalumba, Kay Bros, d’Arenberg, Two Hands, Turkey Flat, Bleasdale, Wynns… it goes on doesn’t it) these tick the rich, sweet and long boxes in their stride.

Ah just seen your must be TWS caveat and narrowing the search for S Australia price £15 - 25 there’s not much there apart the two by Whistler which I’ve not tried.
But not wanting to be disloyal there are lots of very helpful / accommodating merchants out there who will be able to co-ordinate delivery dates to suit you. And I wouldn’t bank on TWS delivery dates either. 2 out of my past 3 orders missed the booked date slot (both subbed to DHL).

Majestic is very strong in this style and price range, by the way…


That would be the Hermitage, the Chave Offerus St Joseph is within your range and TWS do sell it from time to time.


Why don’t you go for a mixed case? The buyers tend to pull together a handful of good wines on a theme, which work together to give an overview of a region, style or grape variety. They aren’t a random mix or a bunch of bottles the society are trying to shift. There are usually some along the lines of your price range and your preferences.

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i’ve tried quite a lot of the current red cases, & i’m trying to learn what sort of grape and terroir I might like to hone in my wine skills :slight_smile:

thanks i’ll try to check them out. I dont even know where my local majestic is where i am! havent seen one of those in a while

In the future it wont be TWS but I’ve never had a missed date yet in 15-20 orders

They do on-line - you don’t need to visit a store these days.


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Oh and it doesnt have to be long & sweet - i just dont know what sort of grape or producer I should even be looking for if I want something closer to a ports character

Just wanting a conversation on ideas of either one of those or something really smoky to add to my order - Its nice to have a recommendation from time to time :slight_smile:

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If you are looking at big and rich I’d also consider Californian Zinfandel:

A couple I’ve enjoyed, at either end of your price range:

Top end Fitou like this:

Or perhaps something Greek (Very on trend with many here!)

Not exactly big, but full of spice and character:

Lots of fun exploring lies ahead!


I’ve had some Zinfandel and liked it - that fitou i remember looking at, might try it or the once & future , thanks

Ha, I was just going to suggest this :sweat_smile: or something ripe and rich from the Douro such as:

(Crasto, Douro 2019 - Bestsellers - Popular - Offers - The Wine Society)

(whilst not as good as the Superior, it still has bags of flavour)
Aglianico del Vulture ‘Alvolo’, Alovini 2017 - Bestsellers - Popular - Offers - The Wine Society

and this:

Ramnista Xinomavro Naoussa, Kir-Yianni 2017 - Bestsellers - Popular - Offers - The Wine Society



This might fit the bill.

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What wine were you wanting to post? The link doesn’t work.

Another try - Chocolate Block


Crozes Hermitage, or Priorat (Spain) - different grapes but they answer the brief. With as much bottle age as your budget allows.

This is neither… I havn’t tried it, but it’s now on my wishlist - seems to tick all the boxes.

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Had some of that chocolate block last week, it was nice