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Beef carpacciao - what to drink?


Tonight, chez Lapin… Beef carpaccio. OK, not so much ‘carpaccio’ as finely sliced raw sirloin (freeze for 30 mins, easier to cut) - with home made french fries - pickled shallot, celery greens & parmesan shaves. I’m the only one who eats it - a tad Hannibal Lecter for the rest of the family

Once I had it in Le Havre with roasted bone marrow and and a parsley salad. Fantastic.

Perfect Friday night supper. But what to drink?

I have a St Emillion Grand Cru open, but it doesnt cut the mustard. What do the members suggest?


Hi, I like it with a mature Pinot Noir. Cote de Nuit or similar.


Etna? Xinomavro?


If it were Steak Tartare (with which there must be similarities) one might chooses Dolcetto or Valpolicella in red or, in white, an unoaked Chardonnay.


Dolcetto - would have been my 1st choice (but none in the wine rack) or maybe a cab franc.


Dolcetto or Barbera. Failing that a Beaujolais or red Loire?


I love Carpaccio. You see it everywhere on the continent but never here in the UK.

Even the local organic high welfare butcher gave me a funny look when I told him I wanted some beef to eat raw.


Many thanks for suggestions. Happy coincidence but I’m going through Stevenage today. Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes, Thymiopoulos 2018 looks interesting - never tried a Greek red before. Definitely get some Beaujolais & Dolcetto now that summer has arrived. Loire reds I have a few, am drawn towards older vintages & TWS stock are mostly younger.

The carpaccio incidentally was excellent - totally depends on the quality of the steak. Not cut too thin that you cant taste it.