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I have just come a bit late to the midweek drinking thread and noticed that there didn’t seem to be anyone who is drinking Beaujolais Nouveau? I will probably get a bottle later for this evening but once upon a time not a long time ago, you couldn’t escape “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrivé”.

Maybe tastes are more sophisticated but at under a tenner does the fruity, ester rich Nouveau still offer value for money?

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Regretfully my memories are of pink/ purple banana juice, slightly fizzy.

However you do have a good point, Nouveau kinda fits in with the natural wine movement so perhaps there is a new generation waiting to discover it?

I tried to buy some today (Sunday) and it was sold out in Majestic and in Waitrose…Majestic only had 48 bottles to sell but that still suggests that there is a demand.

I want to get my hands on some because I want to find those banana/pear drop flavours from carbonic maceration - they are in other wines (and semi-carbonic has similar) but it will be more pronounced in the Nouveau.

Next year I will host a Beaujolais evening - Nouveau alongside some others! See how the esters have faded.


I’m definitely with you on that one! There is room for it as a wine style in the great Pantheon of Wines, for sure :slight_smile: Strangely, it fell off my radar this year for some reason though… must rectify that! :wine_glass:

There was an ongoing thread about it, if you’re interested in others’ opinions. Started back in 2017, would you believe it…

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I’m still keeping the faith. Georges Duboeuf (R.I.P.) again, £13 a pop for the 2022.


Thank you @Inbar - I have to say that I wouldn’t try any of those stores for a wine that is by definition “cheap and cheerful”! I am not sure that it fits TWS model either as it is ‘of the moment’.

I would never have found that thread but will take a look now.

Anyone else remember Del Boy in Only Fools… ordering the 86 Nouveau? (Or whatever it was…)

That’s a bit pricey for a wine that they have not had to store…but then he (kind of) invented it so maybe gets away with it.

All the relevant London wine bars had Bojo NUVO nights on thursday. I was debating going but also had a weightlifting thing this weekend so have been off the sauce this week.


Interesting. Is it having a revival that us provincial people are yet to catch up with?

Will my Bojo Nuvo (like that @strawpig ) evening sell out next year???

That’s a ‘supply and demand question’ !

There was one post in the midweek thread Midweek drinking 14th to 18th Nov 2022 - #28 by alun

You think £13 is expensive for a Bojo Nouveau?? Like all wine, prices have increased and £13 sounds pretty good for fresh raspberry juice :blush:

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I went to the Noble Rot event. Which was absolutely raucous. In fact, it was so overcrowded they had to shut the place for an hour or so.

Briefly chatted to Mark Andrew and he said in 8 years he’d never seen such an appetite for the Fête du Beaujolais. I did see Keira Knightley, Fergus & Margot Henderson and Russell Norman barge their way through the crowd to sample Pierre Koffman’s famous pig’s trotters (should that be “pig’s rotters”?) so evidently they’re also fans.

Anyway, they had Le Grappin BoJo Nouveau on tap and here is the list:

Spent a while sampling the free pours of delicious Lafarge-Vial outside:

Managed to blag my way inside for a glass each of the Sunier, the Foillard and the J Dutraive “La Madone”. The latter was like a cloudy wild strawberry infusion. Yum.

My head hurt a lot the next day.

(Edit: that’s evidently also my bottle of Chateau Thivin and empty glass that I have no recollection of, so that’s probably why.)


Empty bottle too… :tired_face:


In my defence, there looks to be about a third left and you can’t see the other glass nearby!

Also just spotted they appear to be pouring the BoJoNuVo into a lab beaker, so not sure what’s going on there.


Measuring the pours?

Well if you go to a Bojo Nuvo tasting with two hands, you’d better have two glasses!!

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Duboeuf is always more expensive but last year M&S was £8 and Waitrose £8.50. Haven’t seen this year’s prices.

I think that the Waitrose is £8.99. Interestingly I think that is what we used to pay back in the heyday of Bojo Nouveau and reminded me why I (and apparently everyone else) stopped buying it! I look forward to trying some later to see what it is like this year. But you and I both know that there is better value to be had at the £13 price point??

I was in Paris for the weekend. Total oversight going Friday instead of Thursday evening which would have allowed me to enjoy the fête atmosphere, but all weekend wherever I went they had the nouveau on the geau. And indeed I enjoyed every glass …


Not jealous at all ! :star_struck:

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