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Beaujolais: trying them all


If I may… I have a soft spot for Beaujolais and even worked the vendange one summer in Regnie back in my student days. Unbelievable value for money - prices have stayed the same over a decade whilst quality has improved enormously.

I’m less impressed by the Burgundy look-alikes. What is the point?

Generally I tend to stick to the low 'teens in price BUT you must splash out every now and then and try one of the high end bottles @ around £25 with a decade of bottle age - just to see what CAN be acheved.


Good price as well!


The last one I tried was through TWS some years ago…

The description given is pretty accurate. Very mineral and a bit too firm for me.


Hook, line and sinker, hehe. I also took the bait and did the same with the Burrier 2015 mixed case. I will be aging mine too.

TWS occasionally offer aged Beaujolais. I was lucky enough to drink a bottle of Burrrier’s Morgon Grand Cras 2009 last year. I loved every drop. A real eye-opener as to how well these wines can age and develop in the right vintage.


I dont like the taste of Chardonnay. it reminds me of a household cleaner.


ALL Chardonnay?? Quite the statement.


You mean the Le Montrachet brand? Shit cleaner in my opinion.


Corton-Charlemagne does a good job on tough stains.


I usually use red wines (preferably Teintruier varieties) on stains. Covers anything up beautifully…


This seems a little harsh to me. I was an ABC until the last few years, probably traumatised by some bland oaked Aussie stuff a few decades ago.

However, I have recently LOVED the delicious Maison Roche de Bellene Montagny and the Talmard, which are all about the crisp but full appley fruit. Very enjoyable and I hope you might have chance to try.


other than it was very moreish chardonnay. I can not remember the name of maker or year.


Aussie chardonnay was one of my gateway wines back in the 80’s, likely due to Jilly and Oz on Food And Drink. As I was reminded only last night when reading Red And White by Oz.

Lindemans Bin 65, Tyrells Vat 47, and my favourite, Rosemount Show Reserve having been consumed in large quantities back then.

If I had time machine I’d love to go back and try those wines again to see what my 21st century palate made of them !


My personal opinion only - Chardonnay is the KING of all white grapes.
Notable mentions to Viognier, Roussanne, Marsanne, Chenin Blanc, Semillon & Riesling


Well i will try and have an open mind and try the Chardonnay again in the summer. Dont drink much white in the winter.


Perhaps 10 years ago (maybe longer) I went to a Kumeu River tasting and remember telling the guy who organised it that Chardonnay was a bit “meh” or something to that effect; The funny thing is that it was (and is) Kumeu River which converted me to its joys somehere along the way in the past few years. Please reconsider and soon you’ll be humming along with me to Cole Porter’s “you’re the top”.