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Beaujolais: trying them all


I am impressed by the the Societies Beaujolais villages 2017. i shall over a period of time try all the all the Beaujolais that are on the printed list. I may exclude the ones over £17 as that would be stretching my budget. unnecessarily. For starters i have ordered some more of the “Societies” and also a bottle of the Domaine Jean-Marc Burgaud, Morgan Cras 2015. I shall have to write some short notes on each otherwise i shall forget which ones I liked or did not like them for that matter.


This is a fine plan for the next few months. I got that Burgaud Morgon as part of a mixed case and it’s currently in the keeping portion of my wine rack, waiting to be opened in the next couple years as I’m told it cellars well.

We’re realiably informed there will be a Beaujolais offer coming soon, so that might throw up some bottles to tempt you. In the meantime my suggestion would be to pick up one of the Joseph Burrier wines, super stuff there.



I recently tried and loved the other Burgaud Morgon, the Cote du Py. Very unusual - I had Dr Pepper and Soya Sauce in my tasting notes… Also still seemed a bit young at 5 years old, tempted to put a couple in the cellar


This one might be stretching your budget, but definitely not unnecessarily - it is worth every penny! Complex nose and palate, with plum, cherries and other such joyous red fruits. A wonderful wine, almost Pinot-like:


that note would, if I hadn’t drunk it, make me question if the wine was in good form

certainly note things i’ve perceived in tasting


Yes, I’d agree generally. Was delicious though! They weren’t the strongest flavours


It’s certainly one of the most disagreed about wines I’ve seen on the WS website - the reviews tend to love or hate it


so it also has hints of marmite then :wink:


That’s another Burrier wine. Have just added to my wishlist. :wink:


The Beauregard you brought to the BYO beat them all, though… :wink::+1::+1:


I’ve noticed a wide selection of Beauregard wines from 2015 appearing regular on the website over the last couple of years. But I don’t recall seeing any from 2016 or 2017… Anyone know why?


That’s a good question! :thinking:

I know that 2015 is considered an excellent vintage - but 2016 is not far behind, if I’m not wrong. So not sure why we don’t see any from that year at least. Not sure how 2017 been. Maybe @laura can find out?


I enjoyed this wine quite a bit…
Not listed as Chateau Beauregard but from Burriers own vineyards


If I buy wine from an offer I usually keep the leaflet. In 2015 TWS offered eight wines from Burrier / Beauregard but only four in 2016 ( not sure if this is relevant but the buyers changed between the two vintages ).

TWS might have bought big in 2015 due to the nature of the vintage and the potential longevity of the wines ( Burrier’s especially if the drinking windows are anything to go by ).

The buyer was certainly impressed by the Burrier wines, to quote from the leaflet…

“An amazing range of powerful wines which may prove to be some of the most long lived in recent history. I have tasted a number of wines from hot Beaujolais vintages, including 2009 and 2003, and the 2105’s have a far greater balance and keeping potential”.

A big guess on my part but I think some Beaujolais drinkers may have been put off by the nature of the vintage and that TWS didn’t sell all the stock they bought. Also the Burrier wines are usually a few quid more expensive than other examples from the respective crus.

To reiterate, I’m guessing !

As for 2017, that offer is still forthcoming.


Sorry for the delay in replying to this! I can indeed give the inside scoop on 2017 Beaujolais as I recently discussed it with our buyer Tim (there may be an offer coming out in the not-too-distant future…). Expect classically styled Beaujolais with pure ripe fruit and attractive perfume - small volumes, though, thanks to widespread frost unfortunately.


Thanks @Embee, I obviously need to keep a closer eye on things as I’d missed those 2016 Burrier’s completely. I confess I fell hook, line and sinker for the WS description of the 2015s. I also put a case of the 2015 Burrier wines in reserves. I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve tried so far so am very pleased I did. And looking forward to getting the remainder out in 2024 or thereabouts to see what they are like then.


Has anyone here ever tried a white Beaujolais before?! It’s been on my ‘must-try’ list for a while so if you’ve had one I’d love to hear what you thought, and what you might compare it to?


Just the one, was pretty good.


Like @szaki1974, I only had one once, at a friend’s house who thought that Beaujolais blanc was a hilarious concept… It was really nice, actually! Domain Pardon, from Majestic:

It was fruity, but well balanced, with citrussy finish. Funnily enough, I’m putting together an order from Alpine wines at the moment, and this is on the list:

Quite curious about it!


Hi Laura: White Beaujolais… to my mind is very variable. At best it can rival a fresh Macon Villages & be very drinkable, however I have also had over sulphured whites which were only fit for the kitchen (an excellent chicken in white wine + lardons and button onions). There is no way of knowing what’s in the bottle.

I think White (and Rose) Beaujolais are perhaps the kind of wine that is superb in a bistrot in Beaujeau or Fleurie… but perhaps doesnt travel well. Absolutely worth trying if you have the opportunity.