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Beaujolais Nouveau - discuss

Wish I had a bagnum. In part because it would mean that we’d not drunk a whole one between two of us last night.

This years Le Grappin was less rich/sweet and higher acid than it can be, and while there were confected kirsch and bubblegum notes it didn’t go full banana foam sweets. It slipped down remarkably easy and I feel properly grim this morning.


I wasn’t particularly louche, but it was definitely a bit of a binge.


The holy trinity of Berocca, Alkaseltza and Espresso didn’t help. A hour’s PT didn’t help.

I have brought out the big guns.


Got mine today…

£7.99 from Waitrose. Looking forward to a bit of non-committal fun! :smiley:


Had a glass of this at lunchtime with some pate. Just the job.

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How very liberal of you :wink:


Unfortunately they didn’t have any of the “English Nouveau” in stock. Made from Précoce, a variant of PN, it was well received by Jane MacQuitty.
Has anyone tried it yet?

Ha ha! Only when it comes to wine. On all other matters I’m pretty austere… :face_with_monocle:


We went looking too, none in our Waitrose but apparently Westfield got some.

Lea and Sandeman got some from Chevalier-Métrat this year. I really enjoyed their Brouilly so if I get a moment next week I might cycle over for the BN to go with Thanksgiving turkey.

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Got the one on the right at M&S. Very pleasant notes of bubble gum, rhubarb and custard and strawberry laces.


Salon in the salon…I’ll get my coat…


Love the poster @Inbar :+1: :sweden:

Inte så varmt idag!


I get your drift. With me, there’s the last, cherished bottles of Chénas, some, Régnié, a load of Morgon and Moulin-à-Vent in the cellar. But it doesn’t need to know…


Jag kan tro det! :smile:

They are my two treasured posters… (the other one is of the Göta Canal).

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All aboard the bandwagon!

Edit: it’s nice. Red fruits and a touch of black tea. Perfect Wednesday wine.

Mad that the grapes were still on the vine around 2 months ago and now it’s here in my wine glass in frosty South Wales.


The WS certainly stocks loads of cheap and cheerful wine for early drinking. So I don’t think that’s the reason.

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I remember having a serious conversation with a Beaujolais producer about ‘Nouveau’ and he couldn’t stress enough the importance of the look of the label! Evidently it can make or break the sales.

Fair point, maybe it’s the immediacy of Beaujolais - buy now drink now - which maybe doesn’t translate as well into an online experience.

What’s odd is the WS - in a gushing sort of way - is in the business of promoting wine and wine drinking for their own sakes. Along comes an the one event in the year that always gathers some attention and they ignore it. Seems to me the perfect opportunity to get people buying “proper” Beaujolais


Never had it. Should also copy this to the Wine Shame topic, no?

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