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Beaujolais Nouveau - discuss

BTW nice piece by Franck Duboeuf on his father’s early days Wine & Spirits Magazine

I’ve given up waiting for the latest (2013) Beaujolais Cahier des Charges to reappear on the INAO website, and found it somewhere else:

In reply to @Inbar above, when she wrote “if I remember correctly from FWS - semi-carbonic maceration is the law (for Bojo Novo, at least)”… from that document it seems that no form of carbonic maceration is required or forbidden for any Beaujolais.

The only reference to carbonique is “Dans le but de préserver au mieux les caractères fruités, les producteurs ont l’habitude de pratiquer unevinification typiquement beaujolaise inspirée de la «macération semi-carbonique»”, which as far as I understand the French merely says that semi-carbonic maceration is typical, and the context was all Beaujolais wines.

If anyone’s French is better than my fading shoolboy knowledge, and can see anything else interesting, do let me know!

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Beaujolais even nouveauer?

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So… My memory of purple banana tasting slightly fizzy bjl NV is technically correct. And is also why I’m happy not to drink the stuff!

If you REALLY want to try nouveau, then do as I did (as a student working the vendange) - drink a glass still warm from the concrete fermenting vats. Those live yeasts have a remarkable effect.


This is the week…

TWS does not participate. This year I’ll be trying…



You too, huh?

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Despite stocking 35 different Beaujolais. Baffling - and never explained.


Bin #008 ? :joy:

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This calls for an unreliable survey of a self-selecting group :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would you buy a Beaujolais Nouveau if the Society started stocking it?

  • Yes
  • No

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I wonder whether it really fits with the TWS style (not sure that’s the right word). If I was buying Beaujolais Nouveau wine I’d be buying it for immediate drinking, whereas I rarely buy wine from TWS for immediate drinking (I don’t generally make more than about four orders (non EP) in a year). Some might get drunk quickly but most would be sitting around for at least several months.

If was going to buy some Beaujolais Nouveau it would probably be from a high street shop to drink within days.

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I agree with @MikeFranklin on where to purchase. Years ago our local society each purchased a different bottle from major retailers/independents on release day and we undertook a horizontal tasting of 12-14 bottles on the Friday. Never much between them, always a decent headache the following morning, good job it was the weekend.

Sadly the fun has gone out of BN and all for the better of the Crus, which are now being taken more seriously.


It’s good. Will update again in the morning :wink:


Quite jealous! :wink::wine_glass::+1:


I finished work at 5, by ten past I’d finished my first glass. It made me happy!

Thankfully I’m not working tomorrow.


She didn’t like the cardboard box so upgraded the display. Too funny not to share :joy:


Totally understandable. When there is a Salon OWC available, why would anyone settle for mere cardboard. I wouldn’t drink a drop out of anything poured in the first photo!


Wish I had a Bagnum to put on top of my Salon OWC


Wish I had a bagnum.

Basically, yes.

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There’s a quite jolly book about Parisian life between almost-high life (drinking in the BCBG bars of the Marais) and the more seedy parts (that no doubt have now been gentrified) called Biche by Stephanie Theobald. I really recommend it for a very non-touristic view of Paris, more in Tati (sadly gone) than Tattinger.

There are passing references to Beajolais Nouveau time where it is the occasion for massive binges and louche behaviour.

So at least there’s that upside… But I really must say I prefer the crus.