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Beaujolais Nouveau - discuss


I wouldn’t rush - probably one to lay down :wink:


Aha It’s almost Nouveau time again. This -assuming I’ve worked out how to add a picture correctly - is what a the dregs of a 2018 Nouveau look like when drunk a year later.

I have to say the wine (Pardon) was delicious.


And it’s here again! Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun?



Ahhh… Hoping to get some from Majestic:


To me they are really joyous wines! :wine_glass: :smile:


Google Japan Beaujolais Nouveau Images. Very interesting tradition


I thought the DuBoeuf from Majestic was fine, a little bigger than ususal (which some say is a bad thing) but I liked it. We then opened a fancier Nouveau from last year - Domaine de Sermezy - which had aged well considering old hands say you should drink up your Nouveau before Christmas.

A good time was had by all.


We didn’t manage to buy the Majestic one… Sold out already (at least at our local one), but managed to get a couple from Waitrose… I’m sure we’ll check them out in the next couple months or so.

I agree with you about its capacity to remain enjoyable beyond what is designated as its ‘drinking window’. Alpine Wines often sell ones from the previous year.


I’d still be interested to learn why TWS doesn’t stock it.


I had a glass more by chance than on purpose at Terroirs with lunch yesterday, was exactly what you expect, very good with the lentil and duck dish. That is me and BN done this year.



There are many things about TWS I like, the gushing “we all like a tipple” marketing, not so much.

I would have thought a bit of chunter around BN day would be right up its street. If the WS at Stevenage cannot have every new wine (north and south hemispheres) to taste on its release day who can?


This is just speculation, but might it be that the Beaujolais Nouveau concept is not really suited to an online only wine retailer? You need to get a (potentially) massive amount of wine in and out within a week. I might be wrong of course, would be interesting to see TWS’s reasons for not stocking.


Why a week? Even the old school purists give you until Christmas. In fact BN is fine - and better - year/s later.

To my mind, TWS positions itself as a cheerleader for wine (amen to that) so why would it not use every opportunity going? Personally I find some of its marketing ideas risible and piggy backing on one of the great wine traditions would be an improvement.


I suspect some of these “drink up fast” recommendations date back to the years when there was a ridiculous level of pressure to get the wine to the punters a.s.a.p., which of course no longer applies. I remember some woefully unstable examples from back then.


Agreed. And wine-making techniques are ever improving, so vignerons know how to a good job.

We buy a lot of wine in France an would never think of drinking any until at least six months rest and recovery at home. BN does not have that level of care!


There is still a Beaujolais Nouveau day alive & kicking, and apparently the epicentre is Swansea. As a resident I can confirm that it is indeed a massive thing, but it’s morphed into an awful excuse for dressing up and going out to get drunk. Actual BN isn’t at all the focus - it’s cocktails, gin & shots and it’s just been adopted as part of the Halloween/Guy Fawkes/Christmas arc. If you’re ever in Swansea on the day, avoid it!


I saw this @AnneC come up on my newsfeed.
Quite the eye opener! :flushed:


Yep. And barely a Beaujolais in sight! (We have a Prosecco festival too and clearly that habit’s stuck.)


How did I miss this when I was a student there?!? :laughing:


Yikes! More of a TOWIE-type celebration of plastic living than a Bacchus worship :roll_eyes:


It’s only taken off over the last few years - bar owners looking for an option. It has the full range from the relatively classy black tie options to the VERY tacky.