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Beaujolais Nouveau - discuss


:scream::scream::scream::scream:!! Blasphemy surely !!
Not all Beaujolais can be the same or offer the same taste profile. Morgan do tend to be bigger and bolder than most of the other crus due to the decomposed schist the grapes are grown on ! They are more complex and will benefit from some bottle age 5-10 years easily . Maybe it’s just not to your taste .
I agree with you however that there is a place for BN. Whether the majority agree or not, BN average annual production equates to around 50 million bottles or a third of ALL Beaujolais production .
As you said from a marketing perspective they are doing something right and are supplying a demand to the 110 countries who wait every November for release :+1:


I think from now on I’m just going to assume that when people like me pass generic comments on types of wine it always reflects their personal taste. It’s a given and not worth worrying about.

Having said that, I do happily drink Morgon, it’s just not what I’m really looking for in a Beaujolais.

Bit like Cordier and their Pouilly Fuissés which have morphed into a poor man’s Côte d’Or as they go for 1er cru status. It’s just not what I look for in a top Maçonnais.


BTW tried some Nouveau 2017 last night - not good.

Usually I defend Nouveau’s ability to last more than the traditional month and a half to Xmas, but I am defeated.


One year on, still no Beaujolais Nouveau at TWS. Looks like the question wasn’t put to Head of Buying.

Will be trying the Waitrose offering tonight.


I just saw earlier that Le Grappin also release a Nouveau today in Bagnum®


Here’s a review oftop 2018 Nouveau


Ah thanks for the reminder! I was on the beer last night: relaunch of Cloudwater in cask in a select micropub. Delicious, but actually the beer of the night was a wild ferment Belgian Lambic that was not unlike a red Burgundy!

Will defo get on the Bojo Novo in the next week or so…


Tried a glass of BN 2018 in BISTROT Pierre, Preston. Having been brought up on Villages, Crus and Nouveau, Iwas looking forward to this example…it was light. Fresh and fruity, in fact very pleasant drink…but at £25 quid a bouteille c’est une blague n’est pas !! I didn’t get to see the producer’s name !!!


This was the beer. Not cheap at £25 for a 75cl bottle at 6.0% abv but compared to a drinkable red village Burgundy in a wine bar I’d say fair. Possibly more rare too, given how it’s produced.


Beer. Some people drink it I suppose.


Two 2018 Beaujolais Nouveau tasted here.


Well - back in my student days, one summer I worked the Vendanges in Beaujolais (Regnie). The newcomers were offered a glassful of the fresh wine straight from the vat - still warm from fermentation, cloudy and a striking violet/purple colour. Now that counts as REAL Beaujolais Nouveau, amazing fruit flavours in a glass.

It took a short time for the effects of the live yeast, microbes and part fermented fructose to kick in! lets just say that B.N. holds no charm for me.

Thought I’d share that.


in the 90’s and early 00’s I visited the Beaujolais for ten consecutive years, and returned home, with boot of Rover 820 jammed packed with Cru and BV.
It was perhaps 2002 ( guessing here) that I actually returned in November to buy some Nouveau which I sold to a couple of individuals , three pubs and two clubs… Light, clean and fresh red fruit flavours they sold very quickly. From memory I got rid of about 250 litres of the wine. I had several requests from pubs and clubs to supply more, but I collided with the Black Dog and went out of business for 5 years.
My memory of it was that out of 10 and 20 litre BIB , it was excellent party wine ( I reckon that I never suffered hangovers from Beaujolais, only extreme tiredness) a likely story !!!)
I can’t even remember which vigneron I bought it from !!!


I paid a visit to my local Majestic and they had sold out of 2018 Nouveau, so I’ve ordered some in.

So there are still a few hardy souls out there who are keeping the faith.


LI had a glass of Nouveau (I know it benefitted from two weeks bottle ageing, so not technically a nouveau :wink:) with a rabbit cassoulet today and have to say it exceeded my expectations. From Pardon & Fils, definitely not fruit juice… a serious wine.


And let’s give credit where credit’s due, you most likely bought if from Majestic for £9 a pop.


A restaurant, who no doubt bought it from Majestic.


Finally got my BojoNovo fix over the weekend at good old Crispin’s. Ripe and fruity, but with the banana note mentioned above. Didn’t catch the winemaker. It was enjoyable but we left it at just the one bottle…


Had a glass last night , bright, fruity and surprised me in fact that I enjoyed it so much . Louis Tete I think the wine maker was .


Just managed to get my hands on one of the last two remaining bottles of the stuff at Majestic in Lewes:

I thought I’d only get one of them in case someone else gets the urge :slight_smile:

Looking forward to opening it at some point, especially following @szaki1974’s impression of it.