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Beaujolais Nouveau - discuss

You may be right.

Interesting article, did you note that the 3 bottles recommended, only one used the word ‘Nouveau’ on the pictured label?. And if you click on the links (calvert woodley have sold out, and it’s not even the same wine) whereas ‘city wine’ are flogging LAST years vintage. This is really shoddy journalism.

Oh and the new word: Nouveaux - loving that.

Seems to me that marketing quality is falling.

Hi @gkN7, can you give an opinion on when you think the Piron’s Cote du Puy '18 will become complex / enjoyably drinkable (assuming you think it will get there?)

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I don’t know the wine well, but have been through a few halves, and they all have an inky density that suggests a long life, but is not very rewarding at the moment. I don’t think it has quite as much stuffing as, say, the Folliard, but I would give it a couple of years.


I’ve just taken delivery of 2 each of Cote du Py, Les Charmes and Grand Cras (all Piron 2018s) so this is good advice. I think the other two might be more accessible than the CdP but I’m still inclined to leave them for a bit.

Your note reminded me of this on JR, later vintages Dominique Piron 2019/2020 Beaujolais-Villages | JancisRobinson.com

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This Bojo Nouveau here this evening:

Très jolie! bright and pretty cerise hue, nice and straight-forward nose of cherries, candy floss and maybe some violets too. Crisp and zingy on the palate, the sour cherries are accompanied by a sort of strawberry Petit Filous yoghurtiness. Not a real word, I know.

Charming and quaffable! :cherries: :candy:


I’ve not had those other cuvees, but I did have a bottle of the La Chanaise back in September and it was really good, and much more open than the CdPuy. The La Chanaise was drunk alongside a pretty smart village Volnay, and I had to keep checking which glass was which [I may not be the greatest blind taster …]

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No, it isn’t, respectfully. I talked about my own dismal palate, not about Villages. Even the Aviron Quincie I thought I’d like I didn’t. It’s actually about how good the Crus are.

But this has stimulated a bit of discussion - so if there are terrific Villages out there, I want to know.

…And if you want to know where to get the perfect battered sausage supper, I’m your man.


I think this is problematic for me. Our current and totally wonderful and not-at-all corrupt/incompetent Great Leader is known as ‘BoJo’ to some. I don’t want to connect the two things…


Indeed! My bad :+1:

You could argue that it’s certainly time for a Nouveau Bojo.

Incidentally, ever since reading the fabulous and alarming Sad Little Man we call him by his actual name of Alexander, if, indeed, we ever talk about him at all in the house.


Well, my apologies. Written in haste, repented at leisure!


After my apology can I recommend the Jadot ‘Combe Aux Jacques’ and the George’s Duboeuf Selection but you may have tried these already so apologies if so.