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Beaujolais Nouveau - discuss


Fortnums & Mason, Berry Bros & Rudd and Justerini & Brooks - none of them had any Nouveau on offer in London today. Cannot see any on the Wine Society website either.

I know it is standard wisdom to ridicule Nouveau these days, but I don’t really understand why.

No, I don’t want a case but a couple of bottles of the first 2017 (Northern Hemisphere) wine, strong, full of fruity goodness - something to talk about (if only to dismiss). Anyway the £8 Bartier from Waitrose tastes O.K. to me - now where is the tooth whitener?

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It works for me. A masterpiece of promotion perhaps, but also a bit of fun. Some people appear to feel fun and wine are mutually exclusive :scream:. Nouveau’s a great excuse to have a bottle of wine and cooked breakfast followed by an afternoon nap:innocent:.

Even if the gulp-worthy wine doesn’t float your boat then be thankful that the hype/snobbery surrounding it probably helped suppress the prices for the Crus Beaujolais, which is fine by me. I love a lightly chilled glass on a summer’s evening, and the 2015’s were fantastic… just don’t tell everyone.


Just had a glass of the same wine (from Waitrose). Very drinkable, very enjoyable.

I’d be interested to learn why the WS don’t offer any BN, given the 20+ Beaujolais stocked.


I used to like BN. Not a great wine by any means, but a bit of fun. I think some producers became a little embarrassed by what the whole event.

I’ve bit had any for a year or two so will endeavour to seek some out.


A few years back I got the Beajolais Nouveau board from La Fromagerie it was great the cheese and crackers went great with the wine with true gluggability.

As it happens my local wine shop has a Beaujolais night today with nouveau and crus, I opted to rather go to next months Piedmonte vs Tuscany tasting. one needs to chose one’s bottles (sic)…


I get a bottle or two every year - some producers and vintages are definitely better than others! But it’s all a bit of fun and I like the tradition. I worked in Paris for a short time and the entire office came in late with a stonking red wine hangover the Friday after, which made this expat American love the French even more.


BN day used to be a big thing, and we’d always get a bottle or two just to get an indication of that years vintage.

One of the local pubs had a BN lunch and we’d take time off work and go there for a midday meal with as much BN as we could handle. Such fun!

Also restaurants did evening BN dinners on the day and all the wine shops had window features and posters saying Le Beaujolais Noveau Est Arrive!!

Seems to have died away after the annual Beaujolais Race was stopped.

And Victoria Wine, Peter Dominic etc have also died away…


So the clear message seems to be: “Wine Society, don’t shun Nouveau”.

Or not :slight_smile:


Context is everything with B.N. perhaps?

I have greatly enjoyed a fresh, bright glass to celebrate the new harvest, in the late autumn sun at a village bistro in Beaujolais - maybe alongside a plate of steak frites with sauce bearnaise.

However, take the same bottle and plonk it on a table in rainy Yorkshire - and the magic isn’t there. Purple banana & bubble gum scented wine is my recollection.


Perhaps a wine society fun run/visit to taste on behalf of other members regarding an acceptable list? Who knows, maybe vintage cars like the old days?


That would be fun DrEm! We’d be tempted to join the trip :grapes::wine_glass::oncoming_automobile::ferry:


Killjoy here. First things first, I’m at a loss why anyone would feel the need to inject “fun” into the consuming of alcoholic beverages - isn’t that the point anyway*? And I’m mystified why drinking bad wine for the sake of a lot of marketing garbage should pass for fun anyway. I love Beaujolais, but why arbitrarily shorten the production process and release it earlier (the appellation rules were changed to accommodate this)? The region is recovering decade by decade, let’s leave that nonsense back in the '80’s where it belongs, along with braces and cuff-links, Krystal’s shoulder pads, zoot suits, guyliner and Jimmy Saville.

  • er, alcoholism aside, obviously


… These are a few of my favourite things :notes:


Whoa steady on. Chaque-un a son gout and all that.

Beaujolais Nouveau is not “bad wine” per se. It’s not fine wine and it’s clearly not to your taste. But it is great to have the odd bottle of a decent fruity wine from that year before Christmas. It cannot always be Vosne Romanée.

I agree with you about drinking should be primarily about fun. I worry when people talk about drinking because they are down or cold or whatever. IMO wine is not for dealing with problems but about enjoying the moment, which is usually a moment with food.

Sermon over. Now where’s that bottle of 2016 Nouveau we never got round to drinking?


I love Beaujolais. Any of the staff here could look at my history and see that. The Domaine D’Oncin BV is a bit of a favourite in our house and at, what, £7.50 one for us prols. It’s just the idea of deliberately shortening production times for marketing reasons, and the pretty rough wine that ensues isn’t something I’d like to see the WS endorsing. But its all about opinions!


Right, which one of us will pose this to Pierre Mansour for the AMA next week? :grin:


BN has been drunk since the 19 century - hell of a marketing campaign.

I don’t think WS “endorsing” matters a jot. Both the WS and BN can get along perfectly well without each other.

If we’re talking favourites then a nice Mont de Brouilly will do for me.

Morgon is a wannabe Burgundy (all that stuff about bottle age) and I just don’t seem to be able to find the lovely, delicate St Amours and Chiroubles of yesteryear


Who is Pierre Mansour and what AMA?


It is a session here in the community where you can ask Pierre Mansour, Head of Buying, any questions you like!


Great idea, thanks P