Beaujolais Nouveau Day

The day nearly upon us again - I was just interested if anyone dabbles in the day? And if so, where online in the UK do you secure your goods from?

Is there a reason the Wine Society doesn’t seem to get involved? Always a nice bit of fun in the wine world.


Hard to compete with all the options in Swansea?

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I usually salute the notion of a new vintage of Beaujolais with my favourite Cru, Morgon!


The Captain?


Who knows? No explanation given. A shame the relevant buyer is not interested in communicating with members.

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We used to enjoy it when it was a ‘thing’ back in the day. Seems to have all but disappeared. I recall the wine buffs used to say they would save some bottles for Christmas by which time it would have improved considerably apparently.

I always enjoyed a BN, though folks can be pretty sniffy about it. As a result I like my Beaujolais to taste of bubblegum and find the more serious Crus not to my Philistine tastebuds😂


Explains the popularity in Wales.



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I found BN in Waitrose last year, not sure which producer. Around £10. It was absolutely horrible, thin, harsh…

Next to it was an English nouveau, for just a bit more, maybe £12. It was an absolute delight - full of fresh, fruity fun (i didnt mean that to be alliterative…).

I’ll be back this year, but will I buy the French version again? I actually don’t know!!!


You can follow Swansea Beaujolais Nouveau Day live here:

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Apparently drinking everything except Beaujolais Nouveau from the updates and pics. Can’t blame them really, a glass once every few years is enough for me.

Kind of cool that traditions like this become established in certain places, no matter what they drink.

Confession time. Some friends gave us this a while ago

and we drank it tonight. It was delicious, no qualifications. Not bubblegum but not entirely serious either. Just a very nice bottle.