Beaujolais Bin End alert!

This lovely wine has gone to the bin end and thought it worth bringing to Community attention since it relates to several recent topics

  • Beaujolais exploration
  • Aged Beaujolais
  • Having wines in Reserves to assist part case withdrawals of more expensive bottles.

I really like this wine and have reordered a couple times, and the drinking window from TWS (normally on the conservative side) says now to 2025. I’ve just chucked a case in reserves, no brainer for me really.


Just querying on this. It says it is in stock but I can’t even add one bottle without it saying there is insufficient stock :frowning:

Apparently there is one in stock but someone else must have added it to their basket! grumble mutter mutter…

I saw that yesterday and was really tempted. And then got side tracked by the raft of German wines in the bin-end section.

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So I managed to get the last bottle! I kept trying and after 5 mins it became available again. So someone was either testing quantities or changed their mind. I picked it up along with a number of other 2015 Beaujolais (all of which have a reasonable stock still):

Domaine Joseph Burrier, Saint-Amour Côte de Besset 2015 Code: BJ7091 In Stock
2 x Bottle(s) at £17.00 £34.00
Fleurie, Clos de la Roilette Cuvée Tardive 2014 Code: BJ6711 In Stock
2 x Bottle(s) at £13.95 £27.90
Château de Beauregard, Fleurie Poncié 2015 Code: BJ7111 In Stock
2 x Bottle(s) at £14.50 £29.00
Domaine Joseph Burrier Chiroubles Saint-Roch 2015 Code: BJ7081 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £13.50 £13.50
Château de Beauregard, Moulin-à-Vent Clos des Pérelles 2015 Code: BJ7141 In Stock
2 x Bottle(s) at £17.50 £35.00

Probably not testing quantities as that would not make the wine unavailable for others to put in their basket (as tested with @Alchemist previously).

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Strange then, that’s what the TWS lady said had probably happened as in that someone had put it in their basket. I wondered if someone had put a load in their basket just before I tried (it was still labeled as ‘in stock’ so I’m timing was just really bad. And it certainly became available again after a little while. Odd.

Actually that raises an interesting question. If I have put stuff in my basket and left it for a few days, on occasion when I come back something has been removed and is now out of stock. This is fair enough but suggests that putting something in your basket does not lock it; someone else can order that item and you lose it. So what happens if there is only one bottle and put that in my basket and then someone else comes along and does the same, so removing it from yours? Unless it does lock until the basket has been untouched for some cut off period.

My guess is that simply putting it in the basket does not remove it from stock, however certain step in the ordering process reserves (so for whoever reaches this stage first) it and if after that the order is not confirmed (member is logged out(?) which would explain the short logout window that was subject of complaint before) it goes back in stock.

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I had this in my basket! Sadly restricted financial means (result of recent house move/renovation) meant I wasn’t able to pull the trigger. Enjoy and let me know what I’m missing out on!


I’ll be sure to do so. I almost always post my thoughts in the current drinking threads.